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Monday, September 12, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Violet, Louisiana on 2016-08-02 23:48:00 - Ball of fire descended into tree e of pos then went back to invesitgate and was ascending slowly nne over my house and wooded area . faded out in distance.

Coming home driving 8/02/16 approx 23:45 to my east and noticed a ball of fire slowly moving in the sky. it was a clear night with considerable moon light and no wind. my initial thought was a flare. the object didn't appear to have a color to it like a flare would (red/green/white) but just looked like a flame and oddly didn't give off any smoke. as i got closer it was descending to the south and headed into a tree (pine). i was approx 15-20 away when it settled about 3/4 up the tree. i inspected it and seen no appendages as i was suspecting maybe it was a chinese lantern. it was simply just a ball of fire. i grabbed my phone to take a photo/video but i was at an angle now that the roof and a-pillar of the car was obstructing my view and frankly didn't want to get out so i didn't look like an idiot if someone was watching and it turned out to be something explainable. i then took a moment to look around in case it was a goof. no one was outside. i also listened to hear if people were talking or if a stereo was on. dead silence. i then proceeded home continuing to try to keep and eye on the flame which eventually went out of view. pulling into the driveway, i wasn't as concerned with what i just saw but worried about the tree catching fire and felt i had a responsibility to monitor for a fire since i seen no one else around. i decided to drive back to the tree and when i got there the flame was gone and figured it went out. also, there was no sign of burnt markings on the tree from what i could tell. went i arrived back home it was over my house. as i watched it, it slowly ascended north until it seemed to flicker out in distance.

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Credit: MUFON

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