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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Täby, Stockholms län on 1974-12-31 02:05:00 - Surfing investigation of trafficaccident we noticed the objekt flying abort 150feet above us, 3persons.

I worked as policeofficer, and that night, we got the order to go to a trafficaccident in the cold snowy night. we were told that à bus have had a inpacd with a car. when we arrived to the place were the accident were supposed to have taken place we met a woman. about 35-40 years old. the woman pointed at her car, a "wv beetle", that stod against the left wall. she said: the bus that came towards me forcera me to stear my car to the left in the wall and then the bus disappered. i avsked her what colour did the bus have.And she answered : i don't know, i was totalt dassled of the strong beam in my eyes . the light /as she called bus/ disappered we serched for tracks fr.O.M. the "bus" but there were no. tracks at all exeptionella fron the womans own car. she pointed along the road and said: the bus came with the strong light and i had to stear into the wall to avlid a collision i avsked did the bus pass you. she answered:idon't knew the strong light/ beam went out/disappered. suddenly she said loudly: there it is and pointed to a thing flying abort 30-40 meters above us it had a strong beam in the front and abort 6 rectangular "windows" along the side. it looked like a "small zepperlinare orättvis cigar. abort 25-30 meters length and 3 meters thick. it had a low sound like an old fichingboat. it seemed to be grey metallic and the windows were lighten. it passé us slowly in a speed of app. 15-20 mph when it had passéd us and we did not se the lights the sound faded out and it diappered.

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Credit: MUFON

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