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Friday, September 23, 2016

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Black Triangle Sighting in Alachua, Florida on 2016-07-04 21:10:00 - Two tringular shape craft just over treetops moving dead slow 500 ft across

July 4th,2016 , while watching firewarks at alachua community center i noticed airplanes circling the immedate area as fire works were expolding in the air. i thought how would do that ! then i thought how it must look from those planes. when we got in the cars and were waitting in line to exit the parking feild the sky was heavy with smoke from fireworks.I was in the back of the van lying down and noticed a small light gong slowly across the same feildit was very low and i thought it was a perdonal drone like the ones people fly around at public gatherings,such as the car races. then i saw another folling the first after obvervation i thought they were very sincronized. several seconds later , i saw a third light trailling the two origional lights. i thought they must be towing a camera or something then i realized they have cameras on board already. the light i thought they were towing was not as bright. i didnot see it as a triangle. it dissapeared behind the trees. the sky was heavy with dark smoke from the fireworks . someone in the car said it was probably drones. this sent my emotions from couriosoty to anger thinking our government was watching us cellabrate our liberity with invasive drones.Seconds later anouther craft was in site. this one was tilted with its belly towards us. i could see the perfect trianglation between the lights. this thing was hudge ! my property at home is 500 ft long and it was all of that. it was below the tree tops !This parking area is in a bowl between hills so i could not see an approach. it hung in the air moving ever so slowly. i could not see if stars were blocked out nor could o see the color of the craft it was in the smoke but i could see it was darker than the srounding sky.The music was playing and every one was happy ignoring my excitement.I was trying to get out of the car and the traffic suddenly started to go . there must have been around a thousabd people there but i didnt see anyone else looking. i might not have seen it but i was laying down with the side door open .My companions did see parts of the first one but paid little attention to it. i dont know how long the firewarks lasted but i do know it had to have taken us 15 to 20 mins to get home in the heavy traffic. i sit in the house about 10 miinutes thinking about what i had seen and wher i loooked at the clock it was only 9 15 . i would have thought it would have been around 10 15. i didnt loose time i think i gained time. when i saw the second craft it dawned on me what it was there was no question in my mindweat i was seeing!It was just awsome! i would think others would have seen this.

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Credit: MUFON

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