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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Pasco, Washington on 2016-09-27 20:15:00 - Three red lights traveling east. could see the outline of a huge saucer shaped object. lights would go off and on in a sequentual manner. object appeared to be very close to the ground but above the roof tops. traveling very slowly.

On 9-27-16 at about 0815 pm. i was on my back patio. i looked to the north of me. i noticed three red lights glowing on and off. not like airplane lights that flash off and on, but more like someone walking infront of the light and then to the next light and then the third, and then back to the front and start over again. we live by an airport and see planes at night on a nightly basis, this was not a plane, and was four or five times larger that a normal plane coming in for a landing at the airport.The vehicle appeared to be huge moving very slowly to the east. the object was just above the roof tops and appeared to be a mile or so to the north of me. i ran into the house and told my wife, grandauter and her boyfriend to come out and look at what was in the shy. we then all watched the object travel at a very slow speed to the east. we could all see the outline of what appeared to be a disc shaped object about a quarter of a mile long or more, and about 300 feet high. the object continued to travel east. it went behind a tree in a neighbors yard, so we moved to a new spot but still in the back yard. it appeared to decend to a slightly lower altitude and seemed to slow down. then it appeared to either stop and hover, or it started to move away from us which made it appear to stop. we all decided to get in our vehicle and follow the objet. we drove to the airport ,as there is no trees or building around. however by then we had lost sight of it, as if it had continued north east and out of sight. this made a believer out of all of us. do not know if it was alien, or military, but it was the largest object that any of us had seen in the sky. all of us were very excited at what we had just witnessed. my daughters boy friend stated that it was like an "independance day " space ship. we wer all so excited and in awe of what had just taken place.

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Credit: MUFON

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