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Sunday, September 25, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Superior, Colorado on 2016-09-25 16:00:00 - Five metallic objects in fluctuating brightness slowing passing in sky >30,000ft up traveling opposite prevailing wind pattern.

My wife was lying out on our patio at 4pm on september 25, 2016. sunny, bright blue sky with no clouds. she called me out to witness five metallic-like objects slowly traveling through the sky - very high, at a height above the current airline traffic (i would say >30,000ft). the objects seemed to fluctuate in brightness, potentially from changing its position with respect to the sun. we watched the objects move across the sky for about 15 minutes. they moved in a northwesterly direction (weather report at time said that the prevailing wind in the area was easterly at 2mph). the objects were fairly spread apart, definitely not a tight formation. after about 8 minutes, three of the objects disappeared, and two carried on. i took several pictures with my nikon slr, at my maximum zoom (135). for the pictures attached, i maxed out my digital zoom imaging on these photos in order to capture their shape.

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Credit: MUFON

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