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Sunday, September 25, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Rogersville, Tennessee on 1986-10-14 23:15:00 - You could see men and wemen look like king tut looking out wendoes when i got home 3 hours had gone by i was1000 feet from home when i saw it

I was comeing home from a frinds when i saw a light i first thout it was a helacopter from a mile away then the closer i got the biger it looked it had two storys of windoes along the sides i saw people inside the craft they were wokers dressed as from achent egypt on second fowlor they were two one woman with large gold neckless black hare hi on head with a crown the man had long beard that was raped in gold roope it went to his wast wnen i first saw it was at 1130 pm when i got home it was 330 am but i dont rember but 5 min.Of them being there when it started moveing it was slow then it took off and was goon in seconds it had no noise an was so fast it was a streek of light as it disapered in to the stares sence then i dont rember much of my life it is like the years just disapered

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Credit: MUFON

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