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Thursday, September 29, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Ikhchy, on 2016-09-22 00:00:00 - Several appearances and disappearances from different directions changing constantly.

I was with some friends on a journey to the north-eastern province of east azerbaijan, iran in the town of ilkhchy. we were sitting in the park at night around 8pm. we were waiting for our host friend who went to get a drink which took almost 45 minutes. because drinking in iran is prohibited so he had to be cautious and had set a place and time with the dealer to meet and get the drink, that's why it took a little while. while he was away the rest of us were sitting on the park bench playing with our phones. i got a little impatient and felt bored so i stood up and stretched looking above at the sky i saw this star-sized object in the air and called out to my friends guys come chech this out. an object that had the same size of the nearby stars was coming from south heading north-east at a rapid speed incomparable to any flying thing i'd ever seen. clearly it wasn't an airplane because my friend told me about the flight line of iran and turkey besides that night we saw some airplanes too which conviced us what we saw was of unknown origin. airplanes fly at lower altitudes and they have red and yellow flashing lights but this one we saw was as white as and the same size as other stars in the sky moving fast. the moment i saw it i knew it's the thing but my friends were in disbelief trying to find out some sort of explanation as to what it is. one said it's a satellite the other said it's america's stealth plane. evetually it continuded north-east and diappeared. we were still heads up waiting for it to come back from the same direction but quite astonishingly it came back again from south this time heading directly north disappearing into horizon again we were waiting for something to happen. the object came back once again from south this time heading north-west. the thing i did not understand was that we were observing the same object or they were many in traffic. then the object came back from north-west heading south. in the middle of the way right above us it shone so bright all of a sudden that all four of us were convinced that it's a real ufo because stealth aircraft don't make their presence known like that and passenger planes don't give off such strong light suddenly in the sky the light took 2 seconds to dim back to normal continuing its way fading off towards south. it didn't stop trafficing. it came again from south-west going north-west we followed it in amazement. the last time it made its appearance it came back from the same direction lowering altitude which caused a shinier appearance and rising altitude going back to normal shine. we were expecting it to return but it didin't. the time between each appearance to disappearance was approximately 2 minutes. the thing i learned from this event which gave me the goosebumps is that this event occured on 22nd september. the gregorian date is quite insignificant to the event but its equivalent date in the persian solar-based calender which is the best and most precise calender system in history is it happended on the 1st of mehr month. mehr or mithra is the supreme goddess of mithraism the oldest religion in the world that once spanned the whole globe. 1st of mehr is the achaemenid's new year beside nowrooz which is the persian new year. and there is a celebration associated to the day which is called mithrakana. another thing i have to add is that when our host friend came back from his meeting with the drink dealer we told him what happened and he wasn't taken aback like we were he told that their region is a ufo hotspot and he had seen ufos flying there and even landing when he was a child. i suppose this has also to do with the region itself because this region of iran was the gate fro the enterance of arians to iran from europe and it was one of the centers of mithraic worship in which this cosmic and mysterious religion thrived. there is something to this event and these connections which i too am eager to discover.

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Credit: MUFON

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