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Friday, September 16, 2016

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Fort Collins, Colorado on 2016-09-15 23:30:00 - Observed flashing lights in the sky.

I have wanted to talk to you all for several years. i observed an event as a senior in high school and my friends and i thought that we had better keep it under our hats. but i know that i have seen so much more over the years; i just want to know. last night i watched a light for 15-30 min in the eastern sky. the light seemed to get closer then move away, move up and down - i watched it for a good while and then it just went zip away through the clouds in the sky. so if you wnt more specific please call me im better at talking then typing [please let me know?]

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Credit: MUFON

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