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Monday, September 26, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Marchena, Andalusia on 2000-04-26 19:15:00 - Two blinking orbs of light (red and yellowish) flying low and parallel to a back road in southern spain

Late april 2000, 23 miles northeast of morón afb (seville), spain. around 7:15 p.M. still broad daylight, i was driving home from my workplace, alone as usual. there were no cars then on that stretch of back road from marchena to écija (province of seville, spain). i had just entered a mile and a half long straight section of road when from my left side, from behind a hill, as if taking off from the ground in a movement along an arc of circle, a streak of light caught my eye, which almost instantly i recognized as a red sphere of light that was coming right towards my car. i jumped in my seat but somehow my scare turned into cold-blooded curiosity when the sphere immediately came to a sudden halt, perhaps not more than 60 yards away from me, as if it had been aware of me, and then changed direction, and continued moving ahead of me in a straight line parallel to the road and then it started blinking within fractions of a second. it was then, very much to my surprise, that another orb of light, same size, this one yellowish, was wiggling behind the first orb, hurrying along from the same direction the first one had appeared, till it started tailing the first sphere in a straight line, both following the contour of the fields, blinking at the same time and flying very low, all the while parallel to the road. they slightly increased their speed and disappeared behind a low hill. from the start i had time to check my speed, first i was driving at 87 mph, then i lowered my window because i wanted to be sure that what i was watching was real and it sure was. i reduced speed trying to listen to some noise coming from the orbs, and i couldn't hear anything apart from the wind rushing in. both lights were perfect spheres, they had the size of a ping pong ball at arm’s length, maybe a little smaller. before they disappeared, i flashed my high beams for some seconds at the same time they were blinking. somehow i wanted them to know by doing so that i was there. the whole episode may have lasted for about 30 seconds, at the most. as soon as i could pull over, i phoned my wife to tell her what i had seen. i was excited and she was nine months pregnant, and got a little scared. she asked me to get home as soon as possible, which i did. from then on i am absolutely sure that something really really strange is out there. i had seen strange lights moving in the night sky before. on one occasion in córdoba (spain) in august, 1987 around 1:00 a.M, it was really weird. i was with a friend, we were sitting on his doorstep, chatting while looking at the stars. suddenly, a white star like light, which was there like any other star, started moving slowly, i nudged him pointing to the star and said: can you see what i see? he said suuure. the light stopped and then suddenly flashed out of sight. seconds later, it flashed back into sight again a little bit to our left and started jumping up and down in a zigzag motion crossing a large stretch of sky, and then suddenly flashed out of sight again at an incredible speed this time leaving a long streak of light behind. we were amazed and unable to identify what we had just seen. it definitely was not anything we could think of.

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Credit: MUFON

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