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Monday, September 12, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Roseville, Michigan on 2016-09-11 20:45:00 - a ufo performed a flyby interception and near miss of a commercial airliner at a distance of one mile or less

i was walking west into my back yard at approximately 8:45 pm not long after sunset, when, for some reason, i happened to look up into the night sky to my right and almost directly above me. i immediately spotted some movement there which i assumed at first was just two airliners which were flying directly past each other, a common sight in my area which is in the flight path of a major airport. there was no discernable sound above the background noise of this small suburban city, just the movement of the aircraft accompanied by the flashing and constant-on lights typical of commercial airliners, or so i thought at first. within seconds i quickly realised that i was witnessing a very unusual event, an event that never occurs in commercial aviation except in very rare cases of extreme emergency or during aviation air traffic control mistakes, mistakes that almost always lead to tragic aviation accidents. a commercial airliner was being intercepted in a near head-on collision by what appears to be a ufo, their crossing distance is well under under the faa mandated 7 mile minimum, and both aircraft appear to be traveling at the normal cruising speed for commercial airliners. the ufo then passed directly below the airliner at an estimated distance of around one mile. the commercial airliner was traveling west northwest at an estimated cruising altitude of 18000 feet when it was intercepted and passed by the ufo which was flying at an estimated altitude of around 15000 feet in a dead west to east direction. the ufo then abruptly changed its flight path two or three seconds after it passed directly under the higher flying commercial airliner, turning 30 degrees south to a new heading of east south east. the commercial airliner was displaying the industry standard nighttime running anti-collision lights; white strobes, red constant-on lights, one on each wing and one on the front port side, and a green constant-on light on the starboard front side of the aircraft. the ufo on the other hand was displaying decidedly non-standard aircraft lighting of a type that i have never seen before. there were no flashing white strobe lights like aircraft normally have. the only lighting the ufo prominently displayed was two red lights, one to a side, which slowly pulsed off once every three seconds. the red lights were large but pale in appearance compared to normal aircraft anti-collision lights. there was also a small pale blue light located at the front and/or rear of the ufo aircraft. i watched the ufo fly off into the distance until it disappeared, that is when i barely noticed the pale blue lights on the craft. the weather was very clear, cool at 78 degrees, and dry, especially for a late summer night, due to a cold front that moved into my area a few days before this event. visibility was unlimited at 35 miles or more, there were no clouds in the night sky to obstruct visibility, just an extremely thin and light city haze, and the quarter moon was not due to rise until a few hours later. the wind was completely calm and still. excellent viewing conditions overall. i also witnessed four additional ufo's on this same day a half hour earlier. i have been seeing these same types of ufo's many, many times in my area since at least 2006 or earlier. these other sightings have also been reported to mufon. one of the four ufo's was a very large golden glowing orb which was easily visible in the near distance, another was also golden in color but it was located at a further distance immediately behind and to the right of the nearer and larger golden glowing orb, and this one was pinpoint bright and fluctuating in an arc-like appearance and brightness. the other two ufo's were smaller in size and dimmer in appearance. they had large golden constant-on flood lights at the front, and a constantly flashing bright white strobe light located in the rear. one was hovering stationary near the closer large golden orb like ufo, and the other one was traveling from the east over lake st clair westward towards the larger stationary hovering golden orb like ufo. i have witnessed many other near head-on collisions of aircraft before. this occurred when all of the air traffic control system computers went down for the entire east coast of the usa, and control was not reestablished until hours later when all air traffic control was re-routed to the control systems which were located in the central or southern usa? this event resulted in many near head-on collisions occurring in a brief period of time between commercial airliners, which i personally witnessed, over a period that lasted at least two and one half hours, until control was reestablished by the faa.

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Credit: MUFON

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