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Friday, September 9, 2016

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Alien Encounter in Sedalia, Missouri on July 10th 1996 - On this day, I saw (2) Men in black three times . Twice Warsaw, Mo. locations and 1 time Sedalia, Mo. location.

On this day, I drove into Warsaw, Mo. to check the mailbox at the post office downtown Warsaw. As I was heading west , in front of Newman`s grocery store I passed a black car heading east with two men in it. The men were dressed in black suits and black glasses riding in a older model black car. I thought right away, men-in-black! I thought that was an odd event. I picked up the mail and headed back to the office outside of Warsaw south. An hour later, I needed to run out to the Warsaw high school for some paper work. As i Headed on hwy south towards the high school, I just happened to look left down hwy MM and there sit the black car facing north towards our office. I thought how odd! Later that day, I finished work and headed home to Sedalia, Mo. When I arrived to my apartment, around 6:30pm, I looked out my second floor apartment sliding door and saw the same black car backed into the apartment complex parking lot! I thought what heavens? About an hour later, the car was gone. I went over to see my mom, who lived next door. While I was over there, I also went to see ann older lady friend who lived next to my mom. My friend told me that some IRS men had ask her some questions about me. Now, I knew why they had been there.

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Credit: MUFON

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