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Friday, September 30, 2016

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Black Triangle Sighting in Machesney Park, Illinois on 2016-09-23 20:00:00 - Black triangle observed 9/23/16 from 8pm-11pm & 9/26/16

Last friday night (9/23/16) around 8:00 p.M. i had been watching an object exhibiting some uncanny moves that defy anything that any conventional airborne device could do that i and probably all of you would agree on. more on that later. so i called witness b to come to my home to verify sighting and i shall now refer to myself as witness a. upon witness b arriving at the home of myself witness a, we walked around the back of the house to a dark area on the side of the garage where we sat down on lawn chairs. the general area of the residence for witness a would be the 100 block of gilbert terrace in machesney park, il. there was a lot of humidity and by 9 p.M. the grass was already wet from dew. in order for witness b to know where to look, witness a had a green laser, the kind that i think have been banned under faa regulations. because of the low to the ground water vapor, the laser beam was easy to follow for an estimated several hundred feet into the sky as witness a aimed the laser at the object in question. witness a is in the habit of always looking up at the sky so this particular night wasn't an exception. the object would dart around the western sky that it had been in before zooming around. on one of the laser pointings at the object instead of a constant beam i did 3 laser flashes a couple of times. the object seemed to angle towards the ground at which point witness a noticed several white lights (around 10) or illuminations on one edge...As if to acknowledge or that the object was observing. at no time was a laser shot back towards witness a. witness a also observed a red non-strobing light on or near the object. the height of the object wasn't able to be calculated because of certain unknown factors. for you astronomers, witness b used the compass feature on his phone to determine that there are 4 stars that resemble a pointed hat that around 9 p.M. were at a bearing of approximately 255 degrees with an angle of 60-70 degrees. the object was below the 3rd star in a row approximately 3 inches down at arms length. the light intensity wasn't any different from the surrounding stars, which by then were hard to see because of atmospheric haze. sorry, but that's the best location for the object that witness b can provide. did witness b check weather conditions on his phone for 9 p.M. that evening? a-no. although this wasn't the first sighting rodeo for witness b, everything that should have been done at the time just wasn't registering. witness b was able to find local weather conditions for last friday and the average high for the day was 69 (high of 79) degrees, the dew point average was for the day was 65.7 (bordering sticky), and the average humidity for the day was 90%. the humidity factor was ideal for a laser beam to be seen. witness a tried to use the video feature on his iphone, but video and slo-mo couldn't be found. it had always been there in the past. besides witness a, my sister, brother-in-law, and a neighbor witnessed the jerking movement event. my sister and brother-in-law weren't that interested to go outside and see what witness a was seeing, but they did for a few minutes anyway. from what witness a could gather, they're not that interested in the subject of ufos. witness b tried to find the object with binoculars to no avail. witness b did not observe any erratic movement, but a couple of times the object would seem to slowly drift to the left, then move to the right beyond were it had just been and then do a downward arc type movement, move a little more to the left and of course return to it's original location. the movement was like that of the shape of a locking pin. search for: nemco 45279 lock pin witness a went to summon a neighbor. he confirmed that he saw the object. witness a called 911 and the dispatcher said that no one would be sent without more details. then a call was attempted to the rockford airport, to which recordings only were heard. that was followed by a call to scott afb in southern illinois as well as a call to grissom afb in indiana. witness a wanted to alert everyone of his sighting as he wanted as many credible witnesses as possible. while the calls were being made, witness b took the pictures. the no-no's are: as aforementioned not checking weather at the time, witness b didn't include the roof line of the garage in the photo for a reference point, witness b took the picture holding the cell phone as steady as possible instead of leaning up against the garage for stability, and more than likely other no-no's that witness b knew better to implement when taking the picture. witness b was so intrigued by what was transpiring before him that he did the best that he could at the time. witness b left around 45 minutes after getting to witness a's house. when witness b got home and looked for the "hat", it couldn't be located because of cloud cover. witness b was informed on saturday night that another call had been placed to the sheriff’s non-emergency number friday evening and within minutes after witness b left, a deputy arrived at the house of witness a. upon arriving, he was dispatched to another call and was gone for a short period of time. of course when he went back to witness a's house, the sky was cloudy. it was cloudy at witness b's house when witness b returned home a little after 10 p.M. on saturday evening witness b drove just north of rockford to escape the light pollution but could only faintly see the "hat" through the atmospheric haze. witness b checked the sky around 9 p.M. at his house and again shortly after midnight with negative results. sunday night was overcast. witness b is pondering over whether or not there is a star under the 3rd in a row "hat" star. ideally there won't be one. if so, then perhaps "something" was blocking out that star while the object was zipping around at both high and low speeds. that just adds to the mystery. regardless, both witness a and b are in agreement that something very peculiar was seen on the night of september 23, 2016 between the 3 hour span of 8-11 p.M. by 11:00 p.M. on 9/23/16 the sky was 100% clouded over, so witness a called it a night. a front moved through this area early monday (9/26/16) morning and the air is now crystal clear, along with a clear sky. witness a called witness b monday evening around 8:00 p.M. and drove out to witness a's house to see what he was looking at at that time. witness b found the "hat" monday as it was in the same area as on friday evening. was the "moving" object/star there in the same location as on friday? no! but we saw another object at a bearing of approximately 275-280 degrees with an angle of approximately 10-15 degrees. this object was periodically "dancing" around in small circles for an unknown short number of minutes. it was obviously lower and farther away when compared to friday's object, but still visible to the naked eye. there are photos and video of it that show this.

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