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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Dale, Indiana on 2016-09-27 00:00:00 - Bright lights outside our second-story bedroom window woke my wife up

We were laying in bed and my wife woke me up stating that bright lights and moving objects outside our bedroom window work her up. she was visibly disturbed. i looked out the window and saw three bright moving objects over our neighbour's field. one of the objects was just like we'd seen a few times before. it had a reddish glow to it and hovered higher than the others. it would drop down and then rise back up and move side to side and quickly dart from one spot to another. the other two objects were moving around above the field right above the treeline and then would shoot up and blink erratically. the higher one would blink slowly and then the others would drop back down to a different spot. this happened for about five minutes before i noticed another object off to the left. i needed a better view so i moved to another window and observed a large triangular-shaped object gliding by. it banked left very quickly and i was able to notice that it had three white lights below each point. the object shot forward rapidly. not far behind it there were two, what could surely only be silent helicopters, as the way they moved and having nav lights, were in hot pursuit. i looked back at the other objects and saw that they seemed to be responding to the helicopters. the objects were blinking back and forth and blinked out for a few moments. they appeared again in at different locations in the same vicinity. shortly after, there were, what appeared to be, three jets, again, nav lights on what looked to be wings, flying toward the other objects. the highest one glowed bright white and and the others followed suit. the jets quickly banked toward the nw and flew off. from then on, they were not disturbed and went about their business for quite some time. we had seen the highest object a few other times in recent months. one time, it had a glowing sphere roaming around a different field that seemed to "report" to it. this is suspected because it hovered way above the other object and the one in or right above the field would blink and glow and then the "main one" would blink quickly in response. my in-laws were here in town on one occasion and were not believers until they saw the objects for themselves. we've had up to four witnesses. i don't know if it's connected or not, but there have been strange cattle deaths in close timing to seeing these things previously. the deaths have been blamed on some type of non-native vultures, but were missing eyes...

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Credit: MUFON

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