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Friday, September 30, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Wirtz, Virginia on 2016-09-29 16:30:00 - Testing new drone video unaware of object until viewing video object appeared at top of video several times

We bought a drone on oct. 29, 2016. not knowing how to operate, my boyfriend went out front to test it in the yard. after getting the drone to fly he started to video while flying. he did not hear any noise nor did he notice anything odd. he came into the house and played the video on our computer. he called me as i was up at his mother's house so i came home to see what he videoed. we both were confused and played it multiple times trying to pause it to see what it was in the sky above and behind our house. it is unclear at this point. it is not a plane, helicopter or a bird. there are no blimps in our area. we do not think a hot air balloon would have been in the air as we were under a storm watch/warning. very cloudy with a possible storm coming. since he was not aware of the object in the sky he did not know to fly higher to get better video of the object. it appears several times at the top of the viewing area so it pops in and out of the video. it does appear to move but not sure as the drone was moving. we contacted wdbj 7 (local news) but they had not received any other reports. at one point when paused it seems the object has squared edges. it is odd and we are not sure what it is nor do we know who to contact locally as people will just think we are nuts but it is clearly something. we both believe it to be an ufo of some kind. other family has viewed it and think we are crazy and said it was a weather balloon but they are not black. we are in the country and mostly wooded. we have small planes that fly by but it is clearly round and black. it seems to hover as the video is a little more than a minute long and it is in the same area during almost all of the video. it is a little creepy to think a ufo is that close to our home. we are unaware of where it came from (direction) or where it went as we were unaware of the object until viewing the video inside about 5-10 minutes after filming. we did not actually see the object in the sky while outside, only after watching the video when connected to the computer.

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Credit: MUFON

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