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Sunday, September 25, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Dhamangaon( Rly), on 1981-10-19 17:20:00 - I saw flying saucer so clearly in my childhood and got surprised with the technology which after 35 years we are not nearer to it.

Date of the event is approximate as i correlated things to remember time of event. event time and other things are very much correct as on date also i can visualize this as it made great impact on me. when i was 9/10 year old there were many news on sky lab falling issue, news paper were giving news about it and prediction of loss or damages . we were living in small town and there were farms behind our house colony. we use to play in near by premises of half build houses and on road after school time. there were 2 half build houses opposite to each other on the road. there was a huge tree( tree of heaven) around 25 meter tall behind half build house on the border of orange farm. it was a time of sunset around 5:20 pm and sky was clear , all of sudden i noticed dark spot in the north west very clearly so i stopped playing and ask my friends to see the object which was not airplane. and to our surprise that object was descending and was getting closed and we have a very good look at it and we were stunned to saw it and every one excited to see that object came very straight inclined path without doing any noise, any light and any smoke. it was so beautiful sighting that we were impressed . it was seen that it was very well control on its speed . very smoothly that object which were looking like disc , having diameter of around 15 to 20 feet stopped in air above 15 meter ground level near to tree . and we saw it is stopped there which was hardly 150 feet away from us , we all friends ran towards it making a noise . when we cross the road and enter in the premises of that half build house and we were away from that object almost 50 meter , the saucer take off in the same line path and in same angle but rotating in spiral way and with great speed went in same direction and that time there was no sound , no light and no smoke. surprisingly while it came down it was not rotating so calm and steadily it came down and stopped in air and while going back it moved and rotated so fast that it disappear in 10 to 20 seconds while landing it took almost 1 to 2 minute and it was remain landed in air for almost 30 seconds to one minute. we were stunned and after that we realized that we have seen something special and we talked among ourselves about the incident . but we didn't think that it is rare and very much important. as we were use to listen about saucer sighting and some old stories in family that in our grand- grand parents were having power of landing star to earth ( which might be a communication with ufo) . at that age also we talked about power and movement without noise and any smoke or wings or fan. evening we came to home and told our family that we seen saucer but no body took it seriously , next day we told this to our friends but they only thrilled but no one believed it and we also not seriously promoted it as we thought it was common incident. but after so many years i never forget it and still i want to solve this mistry that why that ufo come to that place. why ufo chose that place whether there is any relation with our grand grand parents story of having power to land star on earth? is that place has any special relation for ufo? has ufo visited many time there? is there any relation with big tree of heaven with ufo? but one this is very clear ufo is in existence. and their technology is beyond our imagination.

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Credit: MUFON

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