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Monday, September 26, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Edmonton, Alberta on 2016-09-23 22:15:00 - Observed a hovering blue light, star-like, stationary for several seconds then took off very quickly due south.

My girlfriend and i had just returned home from dinner out after work. it was roughly 10:15pm (local time) when we got out of the car in our driveway. we live in a new development in the south end of the city, and with the turn towards cooler evenings, the night sky has been rather clear as of late. i've been pointing out planets and constellations to my girlfriend recently and so i've been making a habit of looking to the sky. interestingly enough, i looked straight up and my gaze was instantly drawn to an "unusual star", brighter than any others with a slight blue cast to it. it was almost directly above me. it held a stationary position for several seconds, perhaps 3-5, and then took off due south at an incredible speed, passing beyond the horizon in less than 2 seconds. as it moved, it was partially obscured by the sporadic cloud cover, and i have a distinct recollection of it moving from obscured to visible to obscured to visible, etc., as it moved through/above the clouds on it's path southward. it happened so quickly that, while i'm confident in what i saw, it didn't register any alarm with me. i did not mention it to my girlfriend as she's uncomfortable with such topics, and given how fleeting the "sighting" was i didn't see the need to bring it to her attention. now, with the above said, what prompted me to make a report, was an additional day-time observance the following day. i was at a local park (whitemud park) on saturday the 24th,at around 11:00 am. i was walking through the trails there taking photographs of trees/squirrels/etc when i felt compelled to look up and instantly spotted an object moving through the sky. it was certainly not aircraft, and i initially wondered if it was just a bird, but after several seconds of observation i discarded that thought. the object moved at a fixed speed (directly south again) and appeared to be small and reflective. i'd say it was dull grey but would pick up flashes of reflected light as it moved. i'd say it was maybe 400 ft up and i can't really give a good size estimate - depending how accurate my distance estimate is, i'd say it was anywhere from a basketball to a motorcycle in size. part of the observation was obscured by trees and i was unable to get my lens cap off and the camera turned on in time to take a picture. there was a group of young women near by that saw me looking up at it and they gave me a look that was either like "what are you looking at?" or "did you see that too?" i didn't speak with them and it was a windy day, so it could have just been debris. neither of these "sightings" are particularly good, i know, but given the uncanny fact that they came in back to back days, were both moving due south, and both featured me instinctively looking up right at the time to see them made me think there might be something to it. mostly just curious if anyone else in edmonton has seen anything this past weekend.

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Credit: MUFON

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