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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Colorado on 2016-09-24 20:15:00 - Opaque, "cloaked" check-mark formation of 6 diamond-shaped objects moving together fast like a meteorite

I was sitting out on the deck with my mother who was in town to enjoy autumn in colorado. it was a clear night, and we were enjoying the cool air and night sky...It was full of stars! we were sitting facing east, and took a break in conversation to look up at what turned out to be the right time. i caught sight of something moving in a straight line across the sky, fast and smooth like a meteorite, and from what i could tell, above the atmosphere. it was not bright, but dark and more opaque, but still visible. its shape is what intrigued me the most...It was like six diamond-shaped objects asymmetrically arranged in a check-mark formation. it moved like it was one object, though. i'd say it took about 3 seconds for it to cross the visible sky from east to west, before i lost sight of it over the roof of my house. at first, i thought it might be an owl; however, it was too asymmetrical and obviously far away to be that. it didn't look like anything else i had ever seen! my mom saw it too, which was nice for me to confirm i wasn't seeing things! she described the look of the object like it had the klingon's ship-cloaking ability. she wasn't sure what she was seeing at first either, and we have concluded that "ufo" is definitely the most appropriate label. we were both a little awestruck, as it's not every day you see something so out of the ordinary and mysterious. it is both exciting and a little frightening, i suppose. i am certain that life exists out there beyond earth, but i would call myself a cautious believer in the idea that some have already visited us. i wonder if maybe what i saw was a creation of our military. i might not ever know, but my gut tells me it was not of earth. the truth is out there, and now i feel a little closer to it...

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Credit: MUFON

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