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Friday, September 23, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Batesville, Indiana on 2016-09-22 21:20:00 - Aprox. 7-8 bright yellow lights, in a formation 'similar' to the big dipper (laid sideways) seemingly less than a football field off the ground. 5-6 lights on the lower/2 on top

I was driving my car next door to the neighbors (to house-sit while they're away for the weekend). i saw a bright yellow light formation (7-8 lights in total) in the sky, less than a block away. i pulled my car into their drive. i walked out into the middle of the road, i looked to the west, and looked up with extreme curiosity, and could not figure out what those lights were, and i could not believe how close they were to the ground, and how incredibly vivid and visible the lights were. - the configuration of the lights closely resembled the big or little dipper, except it was sitting right above the neighboring houses (and not far off into the galaxy). i first thought they resembled some sort of work lights or stadium lights, except there was no down cast beam, in any way at all. and there are no commercial buildings or stadiums anywhere in the direction that i was looking. the immediate area of this sighting is mostly residential. these circular lights were very clearly defined (similar to a car headlight, except these lights had no beam in any direction, at all). there were 5 lights which were the exact same size, and 2 just slightly smaller. this light formation was incredibly bright, and stayed completely stationary. it didn't move at all for nearly 4-5 mins. i kept my eyes fixed on these lights. i went through all rational guesses to figure out what these lights could be. a star constellation would not be this close to the ground. there are no commercial buildings, work sites, or stadiums in the direction i was facing to render these commercial lamps of any sort. and my 2 most rational guesses such as a group of drones, or any type of aircraft was completely ruled out because these lights were not moving in any direction at all. they didn't shake, dash or jaunt in any direction whatsoever. they were completely still, and much brighter than any star. with complete amazement, i couldn't take my eyes off these lights, so i started to walk backwards, toward another neighbor's house across the street (intending to call this to their attention) and just as i was deciding whether to knock on their door, the 5 larger lights quickly went out, and seconds later, the 2 smaller lights gradually disappeared. this took place at approximately 9:20 pm, on thursday sept. 22, 2016, in batesville, in. - i was fully awake. i had no stimulants, drugs or alcohol in my system. i have no explanation beyond what i've written, and can only say that it was actually rather special. very brief, and kinda magical. - i just wish there was someone else with me to have seen it. - i'm hoping maybe someone else in this area reports a similar finding. - it was so boldly visible, sitting right above our neighborhood. certainly someone else has to have seen this! i don't know if this is related, but ever so oddly, about 10 mins later, i saw 3 very young children (hardly older than 5-7 years old) racing down the sidewalk (in the dark), on razor scooters, in the same direction that i had seen these lights earlier. - maybe they saw them too, from a bit farther away, and were anxiously racing to discover more about these lights. i drove around the neighborhood, and didn't see any other trace of the lights anywhere else. i phoned 1 guy in my town, who's mother told me she saw ufos in this area some years ago, and that guy told me that he actually saw the same thing i did, last night (the night before i did), but he claims that the lights that he saw were multicolor.

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Credit: MUFON

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