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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

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UFO Sighting in GUNNEDAH, New South Wales on 2016-09-28 08:25:00 - Very very bright reflective object that just vanished.

We live on a property and are surrounded by scrub and grazing paddocks and we can see a long way. approximately 8.25am i was walking past a large glass window and noticed something very bright in one of the paddocks approximately a half a mile away. i knew it was on our property and called my husband to come quickly as i thought some one in a white utility was on the place. husband came and saw it too so we both had a look through a pair of binoculars. at first we thought it may have been kangaroo shooters or a pig hunter as it appeared to be about the size of a larger four wheel drive utility. the object was extremely bright, almost glowing, and it was difficult to make out what it was exactly as it was very very bright. we decided to get closer to have a better view and i grabbed my camera. the door outside is right next to the window and my camera was right next to the door so it took about 8 seconds to get the camera, open the door and start to walk to the gate. it was only out of our sight for that amount of time and when it should have been in our line of sight again it was gone. it being a paddock there was nowhere for it to go without us seeing it drive away but it had just vanished. i immediately looked up and scanned the sky, there were no clouds and the sky was clear but there was nothing to be seen. we spent the next two to three minutes scouring the paddocks with the binoculars but it had gone. this all happened over a period of about 3 to 4 minutes. we jumped in our car and drove down the road to where, if it had been a vehicle, there would have been tyre tracks as it had not long rained and tracks would have been very visible but there was nothing. thinking it may have been the neighbour going on to his property across the road we checked his access gate but again there were no tracks. we drove back home and i took my camera and jumped on our quad bike to go and have a good look at where i thought it would have been. i spent about half an hour checking the ground over an area of about 100 square yards, stopping often to stand on the back of the bike to see if i could see any depressions or marks of any kind but there was nothing. i looked for pools of water thinking it may have been a reflection but there was no standing water anywhere near where we saw the object. there are a lot of dead trees and large fallen tree trunks that i thought the sun may have reflected off but none could have possibly caused the intense brightness we saw. we don't know if the brightness was lights or the object itself glowing so i can't answer some of the above questions as we simply don't know what it was. the object just vanished, there is no other word for it and there was no noise. it was so bright that i couldn't make out any details on it and it was difficult to know how large it was. my husband is/was a skeptic but he knows he saw "something" that there is no explanation for and it has shaken him up a bit.

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Credit: MUFON

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