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Monday, September 26, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Târgu Mureș, Mureș County on 1989-12-24 20:30:00 - Had a feeling to walk to balcony, think i saw a light or object then blacked out.

I was about 5 years old living in romania. on christmas eve at around 830pm i was drawn to the balcony for some reason, i remember walking towards the balcony and when i went out onto it i looked up and don't remember anything after that. i think, however i may have seen a flash of light or an object in the sky right before blacking out. i remember then waking up on the balcony and being so tired that i couldn't walk and had to crawl inside of my parents apartment, before passing out from exhaustion i looked at the clock and 8 hours have passed from 8:30pm to about 4:30am or 5' i remember it being very late and being very confused. the next day i started to remember, me being inside a white room. i couldn't gauge the size of the room because it was bright white and i could not see any defining edges. there where 3 tall blonde people wearing tight blue and white uniforms, it seemed like they where busy doing stuff and looked like, well i guess it looked like they where working at a terminal or desk that seemed to protrude from the floor of the room. i remember they where all very good looking, especially the woman she was beautiful. i remember holding my mothers hand, looking to my right i can see her holding my hand but she wasn't moving at all, kinda like she was frozen or not really there. i remember one of the men that was working at his terminal quickly glance at me, he then stopped to look at me and smile. it was unlike any smile i had ever seen before, it was really wide, i suppose similar to how they animate the grinch. i remember not feeling scsred, i though i was having a dream about angels, i never forgot this dream i remembered it for years. i got goosebumps when i first learned of nordic aliens, how they are mainly spotted in europe and they're physical descriptions, clothing and other known traits i feel as that my dream wasn't a dream.

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Credit: MUFON

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