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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Marietta, Ohio on 2016-09-26 20:50:00 - Pulsating red/blue light that would move up/down,left/right tracing a square

I went to let the dog out, and stayed on the porch to wait for him. it was clear night and i looked up to see the stars(we are in a rural area, with n little light contamination) it was then that i noticed the object. it was larger than the stars in the area, and it flashed/pulsated red/blue. i first thought it was a plane, heading away from me. then as i watched, it moved up and down, then from right to left. i went and got my binoculars and was able to tell that one half was red and the other blue. it was still moving, but, now was making a square with its movements. i thought the movement might be caused by my breathing, so i rested the binoculars on the porch railing. it continued to move. my wife called out and asked what i was doing, that the presidential debate was coming on soon. i asked her to come out, then i asked if she saw anything. she pointed to the object, and said "it`s flahing blue and red" then she said "it`s moving" our view of the object was through a neighbors tree, and i thought that possibly the branches were moving and giving it the illusion of movement. so, i walked out to the driveway ,looking at it from the right of where i was, with no obstructions. it would hover then start making the square movement. i had my phone an attempted photos and a video, which, i`m sorry to say are not very good. also at this time i observed to planes traveling towards the object, but, apparently at a higher altitude. the difference in lighting was very obvious. it was then that i noticed the object getting lower to the horizon, and realized it was moving away, to the south. then i lost sight of it. i thought object might be star ,at first, but then it began moving. i saw planes near it and there was a definite difference in appearance. i was in the u.S. air force and worked with national guard recently. this was making movements that i have never seen and aircraft do,with the exception of helicopters. we have guard helicopters flying near the house all the time and this did not look like one. i had a long career in law enforcement and was trained to remain calm and observe. this i did and tried to rule out anything i could be confusing this with. i`m certainly not saying this was an alien spacecraft or anything like that. i just don`t know what it was and that bothers me.

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Credit: MUFON

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