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Saturday, September 24, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Las Vegas, Nevada on 2006-10-04 02:30:00 - White lights, like light airplane, gliding then hovering, seemed to realize i saw them, then shoot off with no sound

I was working at home during graveyard hours, so i was very used to being up late. i walked out to my upstairs porch to smoke a cigarette. it was warm out (fairly typical for that time of year) and there was a slight breeze. it was very quiet out, which was also very typical for that time in the morning. as i was pulling out my pack of cigarettes i noticed two white lights, like the ones you would see on a light airplane, moving towards me, but with no sound. the two lights were moving just like you would see on a light airplane being gently rocked by wind as it was landing, but i lived right next to a mountain, and there were only homes in this area, no airstrip. i started to panic, thinking it was a light airplane that had lost it's engine and was going to crash land into homes or the mountain. as soon as i went to go inside to grab my phone, the two lights disappeared. once again, there was no sound. i tried to focus my eyes to see if i saw the airplane, or hear anything. then all of a sudden two lights popped back on (no sound), but now they were further back than the should have. i was instantly very confused by this. as i was trying to figure this out, the two lights came back on. then went out again in less than two second. then three lights came on, but now the lights were much closer. then the three lights moved together to my immediate right. i don't mean as though they glided to the right like a small airplane would, but literally immediately right, which is impossible for any known aircraft. then lights came back on where the original ones were, then they went out and lights came on to the right again. as soon as i thought to myself "wtf is this?" two lights moved directly towards me then went out and nearly instantly came back on about 200 yards behind where they just were. i was frozen mentally and physically. the lights came towards me then back a couple times, then started to move back and forth, then stopped for about five seconds. as soon as i thought it was all over, another set of lights popped on to my left. then the sets of lights came on from left, to middle, to right in order, then switched randomly. right, left, middle, left, right, left, middle, etc. after maybe about 20 seconds or so (it felt quite a bit longer), all 3 sets of lights came on at once, "flew" back about 300 yards, merged together then very quickly flew nearly directly up, about 80 degrees (if straight up is 90 degrees). i watched the light go up about as high as an airliner coming in for a landing, then it stopped, changed direction, then flew up towards space in about a second. all of it with no sound.

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Credit: MUFON

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