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Saturday, September 10, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Houston, Texas on 2016-09-10 20:43:00 - Unidentified lights hivering. call ne.

This evening my fiance and i are out in the backyard doing a little bit of yard work. we live in a relatively metropolitan area in houston texas. my fiancee noticed something hovering in the sky and alerted me. at first i was unable to understand what she was exactly talking about. henceforth she pointed up at the sky and i had noticed exactly what she was talking about. what we both witnessed was a hovering object that did not look logical. we could not exactly see the shape of the vehicle but we did see what appeared to be lights that may have been on the corners of the vessel. like a plane, jet or helicopter type aircraft, we both saw lights that were logically positioned on the vessel. nevertheless the shape or style of the vessel it appeared as if they may have been at the tips just like on the aircrafts i had mentioned previously. collectively we do not know how long it had been hovering there before we noticed it. once we noticed it we saw something that seems very out of place. neither my fiance or i are experts when it comes to aerodynamics, aircrafts,or ufo's. what we did see was something very unconventional e out of the ordinary. i have never seen any sort of aircraft hover in the same position like that with no sound and with the type of lights that were emanating from the vessel itself. as i instructed my fiance to retrieve her mobile device to take video i was in the position to take a still shot captions with my mobile device. as she retrieved her device the unidentifiable flying object decided to descend in a fashion that i have never seen something move through the air before. during this altercation i had taken three or four still shots with my phone zooming in trying to get the best photo possible. after she retrieved her device in our home the object decided to descend in a manner that i have never seen something move through the air like before. she was very upset that she was not able to capture the moment on video and at that point in time relied on the fact that i had taken still shots with my own mobile device. as i attempted to retrieve the images that i know that i've taken with my mobile device, i noticed that they were not able to be retrievable. i found that very odd considering that i can use my mobile device like the back of my hand. we would never go this far to report something like this if we didn't feel in our heart of hearts that we had witnessed something extraordinary. i hope that our testimonial is useful so this referendum. what we've witnessed tonight was something unexplainable and completely real. we are open to any sort of comments or questions that many of you would like to ask. as all of you, we would like answers for ourselves.

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Credit: MUFON

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