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Monday, September 26, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Shiraz, Fars Province on 1990-05-31 00:00:00 - Dot lights in triangle order

It happened when i was child and i dont rememeber the exact time but it was near 1990 and i was approximately 9 years old or higher but i dont remember because i never told it to any body after that time. at that time, at summers, me and my father and sometimes my mother and little sister used to sleep at the top of the roof of our house because of heat! i loved the sky and stars and my father has described me a lot of information about stars and etc. one night i was in the bed at the top of our house and my father and mother and my little sister did not join me yet at this time and they where in the house. i was looking at the sky and stars that suddenly the whole city had a power loss. i was on the roof and saw that the whole city was dark. soon after that i saw some powerfull dot lights in triangles order that appeared in the east. they were maybe nine and very high in the sky but have very clear and very contrast light. the thing that surprised me was the speed and also the silence of that objects. our house was near the airport and i saw the flight of thousands airplanes and also comets and realy was an expert in recognise them but this objects were not planes or comets and were very far in the sky but they cross the sky from east to west in few seconds!!! i had saw the crossing of war jets and other planes that was very nearest but these objects was very far and had very powerfull lights and clear round shape in triangle order and cross the sky from horizon to horizon in 4 or 5 seconds! soon after that the light came back ans all these happens in maybe 10 seconds! i was shocked at that time and after that feel fear. i went to the yard from the roof of our home and after that inside the house so quickly that my parents also feared and asked me that what happened?! i said that i saw a ufo. my mother who was washing the dishes and my father who was speaking to her laughed at me and my mother said: "be careful that the aliens dont rub you!". i became very shameful because my parents always appreciated my talent and i felt that they think that i am very crazy. i did not say anything and after some minutes i went again to the roof despite the fear that i have but not see any abnormal thing any more. after that i saw again a lot of planes and comets but non of them were like the objects of that night. i became a physician and i also was a police trusted physician for many year but i did not say anything about that night to anyone else. but read a lot of books and see a lot of movie about ufo and aliens and etc. i saw the episodes of mufon project on the tv and i told my story to my wife after years. she is a veterinarian and she believed in me and she knows that i had read a lot of book about ufo and aliens but she also laughed at me and i did not insist on it but i decided to wrote it here. one think that is fantastic to me and also my wife has knows it is that every time i saw a document movie about ufo or aliens i bacame very sleepy so that i can not finish the movie! and it is very funny for my wife and every time that the tv had such movies, she says please do not see it, the dinner is ready.

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Credit: MUFON

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