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Saturday, September 24, 2016

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UFO Sighting in St. Augustine, Florida on 2016-09-03 03:33:00 - Was behind me. omitted light blue dawn dish soap type light. very soothing light

Sept. 24, 2016 10:56 a.M. to whom this may concert. sept. 3, 2016 it was about 3 in the morning. my wife,daughter and son were all asleep. i have trouble sleeping so i tend to stay up late. i was in the living room watching u.F.O stuff on youtube like i always do. i found a particular video that i never saw before so started watching it. it was about orion and the belt. the guy went on to say something about a man that worked at area 51 and that the 2 out of the three stars in the belt were 2 types of good being resided and the star adjacent to the two was were the bad beings were. i then went to sleep not thinking anything about it. all of sudden i started dreaming a very vivid dream. i was in my house in saint augastine and i was trying to escape my house but couldn't get out.I tried to get out the front door but when i opened the door the was a red brick wall. all of a sudden i heard a voice in my head tell me,"if you don't be quite you will wake someone up. listen to my voice and i will guide you." the voice was very soft and calm. so that's what i did. next part of the dream i was in what seemed to be the biggest airplane hanger i've ever seen. the hanger was completely empty. at this point i had the ability to jump very high in the air. i did that for a minute and then i heard him again. " come to the corner of the hanger and i'll show you from there." next thing i know i was having the re occurring dream i used to have when i was a boy. in the dream i was walking up the stairs in my parents house in pittsburgh. there was a beautiful white glow on everything. but this time the dream was different. you see when i was a kid and would have the dream i could never get to the top and see what was up there do to fear, so in the dream i would just float off by someone who i thought was my dad. now in the dream on the 3rd of sept. was different. this time i was able to get to the top. so as i'm walking to the top of the stairs i now hear his voice more clear. " do not be afraid, we are not here to hurt you nor do we want to. do not be afraid. listen to my voice. do not be afraid." now i'm at the top of the stairs, and the white light was unlike any white i've ever seen. very very peaceful. then the voice comes to me and says," we will now show you who we are." next thing i know 4 people come into view. they look human but there was something different about them. there was one standing to the right of the one that was doing the communicating and two to the left. their build was fit. almost like a cross trainers fit. they all had the same garments on and it looked like one in the middle was holding a child. he handed me the child and then he spoke, not using words and said," again due not be afraid. we are from a different civilization very much like your here on earth. we have family s and children just like you do here also. we are a hierarchy that is govern'd by peace. that is the only difference. there is really not much difference between us and the way we live except that. so due you wish to see are true form?" i said to him yes and he then said again not to be afraid. all of a sudden the humans began to almost dematerialize right before my eyes. what i saw was not as clear but i saw very light blueish silver light beings standing in front of me. i was very calm and i then asked him " am i dreaming this?" he said yes. he then said " would you wish to see us with your own eyes?" i said yes. next thing i knew i was back in my living room in saint augustine. i them heard him again, " do you still wish to see us.." i responded to him, " this ins't a dream is it. this is really happening isn't." he said," yes. do you still wish to see us?" i said, "yes." he then said, " come to the sliding glass door and open the blinds, again do not be afraid." i began to walk towards the door and noticed this very blue dawn dish soap light coming threw the curtain. i slid the curtain to the side and there they were standing in front of me. the main one in the front. one to the right and two to the left. at that point he said, " we come from the belt of orion. we are a peaceful civilization, but there others out there that wish to harm to your kind as well as ours. you have been chosen for great battle. when that happens we will provide you with the tools you need. we will also fight along side you kind to defeat this harm. these are what the other kind look like." all of sudden a hologram of this completely different type of being was in the corner of my back yard. they were kind of hunched over and their color was that of earth clay. reddish brown. the main being asked to battle it. i proceeded too by cloths lining it. as soon as i did that it disappeared. the whole time i was communicating with them there was a very blue, silverish, white light coming from above my house. the ship wasn't the main focus. the main focus was the bond and how important what was going on about not being afraid. it was most real thing thats ever happened to me. there is more but i will discuss that later if this goes anywhere. thank you for your time.

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Credit: MUFON

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