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Friday, September 30, 2016

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Durham, North Carolina on 2016-09-26 19:20:00 - 3 large to small red glowing like seeing orion's belt. flew orderly.

The front object was largest the middle had what appeared to be maybe search lights (i should add all 3 glowed reddish pinkish) however; the middle one may have been disk or triangle and 1 white light come on then off then another then another as in a circular patterned but like i said i only got to see 3. the third and last one was undoubtably smaller & funny as this may sound the way it glowed made appear like a flying hamburger except for buns it glowing red to pinkish and for the meat was a golden tinge or orange. you could hear nothing but the vehicles cutting through the air and you really couldn't hear that till they were really close except for the little guy i've dubbed ha burglar. he made a buzzing type sound a steady buzz & it was if they wanted me to see them they even allowed me time to open our door and holler for my wife as to have a witness and luckily they banked hard left well u turned flew back towards our house and once they were nearly 500' away they began to ascend and myself i was terrified at the first second i saw them but something inside me stopped me from running inside due to panic but i got a feeling of ease and really peace in mid stride of my first step to running in. i know they intentionally wanted me to witness there existence whether they be aliens angels demons or humans they made me feel at ease and almost like i got the feeling they were looking for something. i wasn't going to even report it because i felt like that would be kinda tattling you know, but something told me to. i read my bible online a lot more. but that was first time very early in morning say 3-4 am. then 2nd was last night between 8-9 survivor was on, but to long to delve into, but i will tell you this i get a feeling to look in a direction and well there they are. i can't explain it, but i hope this helps bridge the gap between ourselves and them. whoever them may be. thank you for taking the time and reading all accounts are 100 percent honest and thank you for giving me a place to share. sincerely, jason layne september 29th 2016

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Credit: MUFON

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