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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Täby, Stockholms län on 1966-06-10 00:00:00 - Disklike ufo descending strait towards my bedroomswindow on 11's floor landed standing on it's then took off as a red ball

I had just gone tro bed and saw the moon throught the window. the moon was beautifully yellow and totally round. as i looked i suddely bekame awere that the moon changed colour. it bekame more yellow and looked some larger. i went to my window and opened it so i schould hear any noise if it was a helikopter with a strong light towards me. when the big light was, approximatly 2miles away from me , still on the strait direktion from the moon that now were hidden behind the ufo. i was stunned when i realised that "the big ball" came towards me without any noise at all. when the "ball" was about 600feet away i saw the edge on the upperside. at all time when it descended towards me it changed colour: yellow - orange - green - orange - red. the building has 16 floors and my family had the apartment on 11'sfloor. when the "thing" was about 150feet out from me it rolled and tipped over and showed me that it was flat. it seems that it was two saucer , one upside and one in bottom. they where 7-8feet apart by standing colored rectangular windows/glass. the ufo stopped outside the building on it's edge probably on ground. the upper edge was just above my floor. until now i have been seeing the ufo about 5 min . now it lifted some ten-twenty feet and began to change side and color. it become a red pulsating round ball about ten feet in diam . it moved south so i had to go to my parents room and waken up my father who also saw the red big ball. the ball/globe moved south slowly in a wave motion, it "bounced " 3times and stopped over water about 3 - 4 miles away. it stopped and began to vibrate and suddely came one more red pulsating ball. the two bekame one and increased the vibration/pulsating. afterski ca: 15sec did the red ball disappear very fast to the sky. my father avsked me what was that! i told him my thougths. the same year he saw two different occasions big cigarshaped ufo together with 30-40 other persons.

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Credit: MUFON

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