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Friday, September 30, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Albion Park, New South Wales on 2016-06-10 00:00:00 - I was driving home from work and heard a report of something in the sky on i98 fm when i looked up you couldnt miss it.

Comeing home from work on a wednesday afternoon with a butiful red sunsett there was a report on the radio i98 fm of somthing in the sky over albion park.I was driveing through albion park at the time n i looked up n saw a bright blueish cylinder of a very large size.The sun was setting and the hole sky was red with a big red sun n this very bright blue (as bright as the sun but blue) cylinder shape ship...It was just out of our atmosphere you could tell by the reflection of its serface. i get the feeling that it got caught in the wrong place at the right time.Bby this time ive stop.D the car and started to observe..Every body else just kept driving and i could hear the guy on the radio saying to the bloke who rang in that he had to much to drink..By this time im looking up n trying to make out what it was when a small break in the clouds formed oround the spot were the what i know was a ship of somekind and i got a very good look at it .At its distance i was at least half a km long and 400m wide and its surface looked like an architectual construction i couldnt belive i could see it so well.. i then rang my wife who was 30km north of me and when i said you have to look up in the sky she could see it to.. then it just vanishd.. it made my thoughts that were not allone concreate..I have a background in engineering and motor mechanics so i do know that what i seen was not a planet or a star nor was it a satelite or a metior and the size n shap it was definitely made by somthing

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Credit: MUFON

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