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Friday, September 9, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Tennessee on 1977-06-10 23:00:00 - Big bright light beam followed

the timeline was summer 1977 and i am convinced, for sure i had a close encounter with whatever it was, maybe a ufo. on a trip back from wva to florida, i was returning from seeing my mom in the hospital in wva., it was late at night probably around 11pm while driving back through alabama/tennessee going south on the interstate highway i-65. what occurred was that an extremely bright light that reminded me of a locomotive train light appeared just behind me about 100 yds quite suddenly and it followed me at the same pace i was driving around 60 mph, its movement was so strange because it didn’t fluxuate with the contour of the road and i took notice there was no sound as if a helicopter. i wanted to alert my wife, who was sleeping beside me in the car, but i felt controlled as if in a trance or some hypnotic mind control, so i kept my head straight ahead or forced to look straight ahead, whatever. i even tried to take my foot off of the accelerator, thought again and again to wake my wife but the only thing i could do was use my eyes to look in the forward direction and glance as well at the rear view mirror from time to time or maybe most of the time, to keep track of its movements or was this what i was supposed to do, who knows, last of all i also noticed my palms were sweaty on the steering wheel but i couldn’t take them off to wipe them. it seemed like for hours this occurrence was happening or maybe time was standing still or whatever i don’t really know. i took notice as well, there were no cars in either direction the total time this was occurring, nothing seemed to be happening until this thing was gone and how did it go away well, poof the light was gone is the only explanation i can come up with. when i was able to make movements with my body the first thing i did was move my head then wipe my hands off then i stopped the car on the side of the road got out and looked all around including the night sky, this caused my wife to wake and you can only imagine what she thought and said when i told her of this occurrence, finally i noticed life and back to the now time zone, cars drove past in both directions, so tell me did my time stop or what, now doesn’t this event seem strange to you but anyway the years have passed and from time to time i try to take myself back to those memories and ask myself, why me. i have never felt comfortable talking about this subject. before this occurrance i was just a radio operator working in communications, but after this episode my life literally changed around me, it steered me into the defense electronics world of repair and new products and reverse engineering projects through out my career as well as traveling into far away lands. does this seem normal, not to me. i'm just a small hands on tech with an amazing career in communications missiles, aircraft, ships, subs, radar, lasers, flirs, gps, fiberoptics, test equipment, etc., and traveling. maybe they wanted me as a remote viewer because i have an unexplained solid bump on my forehead just above my left eye with no scar, who knows with 16 countries under my belt. finally i'm retired and sitting in my rocking chair waiting impatiently for the end to come, good luck.

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Credit: MUFON

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