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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Orrville, Alabama on 2016-09-14 19:20:00 - Large, bright light, deep orange color. small distance above low cloud cover. hovered, pulsated and brightened. blinked out consisely and sharply, while simulaneously appearing miles away.

On 9/14/16, my wife and i were driving home from the store. it was approximately 1915-1920 in the evening. the sun had set, and there was a light pink hue to the horizon, as well as a dark, thin cloud that stretched across our view. as we rounded a curve on cr 115, i noticed a light a bit above the cloud cover, orb shaped with a sharp outline. i slowed the truck down and mentioned it to my wife. its color was dark orange, it was hovering in place, noticeably larger than a star, pulsated quickly, than slowly brightened. it blinked out, abruptly and sharply. at the exact same time, it reappeared a foot (to my prospective, so many miles in reality, as it was a great distance from our position) to my left. it appeared to be on a same plane position (as if it were on an invisible straight line0, hovered for a couple of seconds, pulsated quickly again, and then sharply blinked out again. we saw nothing more of the object. i am a marine corps ssgt, iraq and afghanistan veteran. i have seen, and supported operations of numerous military aircraft, manned and non... there is no technology that i have ever seen, or am aware of, that could perform the maneuver i witnessed. it was undoubtedly intelligently controlled, and was performing a purpose. these were not flares. i have witnessed more flares, and numerous types of flares. this did not behave as a flare, look like a flare, nor is there any reason that a flare would be deployed in this area.

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Credit: MUFON

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