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Friday, September 23, 2016

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Monroe, Michigan on 2014-08-15 05:45:00 - Observed bright object that appeared stationary until there was a giant flash like it had a giant camera then after a few seconds it shot straight up into the clear black star lit sky with a slight arc toward the north until it disappeared from sight.

Our neighbors and my gf and myself were in a contest for who could loose the most weight in a set amount of time. it was very early morning about 530am still quite dark outside. we walked to our neighbors directly behind us and on our way home 15 minutes later waling through the yard i pointed out what i thought was a low airplane about to come overhead and i noticed the starts were very bright. i pointed at the bright light thinking to myself landing lights but metro airport and willow run airport are 30 miles north of us and this objects light was extremely bright for heading away from the airport and seemed low. my gf was looking directly at the object and i looked to my left at that very second, it was like god took photograph of planet earth. a giant flash. my attention was taken back to the source ( a minivan size oval light in the sky ) i could see it more clearly after the flash it was of an oval egg shape. to our astonishment, with out a sound or any change or warning at all it shot up in to the sky with a slight backwards arc toward the north. the sky was clear. stars everywhere. it disappeared into the night sky. i watch it.. moved so fast and i could see it fade to the point of light like a star until it faded out of sight completely. this was not my first sighting or my second even but it was definitely an original.. or so i thought.. i immediately went to the internet desperate to find something similar if anyone had experienced this before. i came upon a video of jeruselem. dome of the rock. i was floored because this video looks fake to my eye but it is exactly.. not kinda but exactly what happened in my back freekin yard. my gf is one of those that chooses to ignore it all.. ya she seen it, she said it was weird and moved on.. i cannot get it out of my head. weeks later there was a similar experience in my front yard but no flash. i had told of the previous experience to my brother in law and he and my sister were over for the weekend. brad (bro in law) and i were sitting on my front porch watching the night sky with binoculars. nothing unusual then i seen a bright light positioned next to the moon that was not there a minute ago. i asked brad if he see it with the binoculars. he said yes i was just going to ask you if you seen it. i was staring at it for a only a few minutes and as if it recognized that we could see it, it shot in southerly direction with an arc to the west, again shooting in to only what i can tell is space until it disappeared out of view. crazy.. before these two sightings i would see strange lights around my neighborhood almost weekly. so i always kept looking up. since last august 2015. i was reading about mufon. never reported anything but this freaked me out and a year later i am still intrigued. wonder if anyone else in my area has seen anything similar? would love to discuss.

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Credit: MUFON

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