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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Norfolk, Hampton Roads Re, Virginia on 2016-08-01 00:00:00 - Same place every night, never moves w/ stars, then will just disappear eventually, sometimes when it disappears a we see other ones in different locations but always in the same regions and don't move just hover, saw through powerful binoculars the light

Yes viewed by multiple visitors to my home, here every night so far for about 3 weeks (+). we called it in to police, and they showed us through their binoculars the colors are like a rainbow and pulsate but are blurry and it is spherical. what caught our eye was it was changing colors to the naked eye and not moving. the while we were watching it we saw a burst of smoke the shape of a crescent moon blow out the side (to our left of the object standing facing the object) and it did this 2 times. we also saw small short beams of light burst out the bottom briefly. the night we noticed it there were falling stars falling in the direction of the object. we also saw beams of light where no airport exists toward elizabeth city, nc area, but it didn't appear to be coming from the city (glow on the horizon where the cities are located is how we know where everything is in the distance of our location). the object is hovering approximately west of a local airport. also very close to norfolk i believe they are watching our naval bases. we have seen similar objects more than one at a time in different locations in the same regions every night, but they don't show up constantly like this one does. also heard a very loud pulsating noise outside while i was in bed, when i got up to investigate i looked out my bedroom window, and my hearing suddenly started to weaken, and i was having trouble seeing, and i had the feeling of a headache coming on, but when the noise left my headache was gone. my son's girlfriend also heard the noise, so loud she could hear it above her ipad she was watching. we both went outside to investigate and saw the lights again in the sky, but this time it was southwest region of the sky. one night i also saw an object fly over the tree line straight towards my house, and i saw it because i was going out to have a cigarette, but i didn't turn on the light, just opened the door in my bedroom and stepped out on to the deck and it headed toward my house for a few seconds and then quickly changed course and went in the north direction. i can't remember if i heard any sound, but i don't think i did. it quickly disappeared. that object looked kind of triangular to me and had the same bright multicolored lights on it. there are several bases in this region: norfolk, va beach, and a nuclear plant in surry, va. there may be more bases than i listed as this is a hub for the east coast for the navy, marines, air force & army (yorktown & newport news), navy air base... i seriously think they are watching our bases. i believe there is an army base south of us off i95 in nc.

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Credit: MUFON

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