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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Spring, Texas on 2016-09-27 05:00:00 - Looks like star or planet. isn't. used telescope. saucer

We were on our balcony around 4 am and saw what appeared to be an extremely bright star or planet. i knew it was too bright to be either of those so i used my phone to zoom in on it but it just looked like a colorful blob. i went in the house to grab my telescope but didn't have all the pieces to the tripod. i held the telescope in my arms and found the object and got it in focus and could see clearly it was some sort of ship with a 3-way circle of lights underneath. we both became extremely excited and i began to shake quite a bit with what we had just seen. at that point we wanted to collect proof of what we had seen so we began trying to place our phone lens over the telescope lens to record the object. thiswas very difficult because i was shaking and losing line of sight with the objected and every time she placed the camera against the lens to get the shot it would bump or wobble the telescope enough that i'd lose it. we had tried for about 30 minutes and when all was said and done only actually got a couple seconds of usable footage. we compiled our clips into a couple short gifs. i should note that during the time we saw it to the point of capturing video it had stopped emitting a multitude of colors and began glowing whitish blue. i would come back every half hour or so and check on it and it moved slowly every so often until it disappeared. this was on sept. 23rd. it was back at the same time the following night but in a slightly different spot. again the next night. on the 25th and 26th it was too cloudy and raining to see anything but tonight on the 27th it is back. it seems farther away/higher tonight because i can't get it into focus as much and it isn't glowing as bright. would love for you to send someone out with better equipment to get some better footage because this is amazing.

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Credit: MUFON

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