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Saturday, October 1, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Mineral Wells, Texas on 2016-09-29 23:30:00 - Sitting on porch. first one came over the treeline and slowed then second one caught up. both crossed my line of sight going ne at high speed.

It was my husbands night off and a nice night out, we decided to sit on our porch swing as we usually do when the weather is nice. the temp was around 72 degrees and it was an absolutely clear night sky. out here we can see the stars very well. i can see the satellites as they cross with the naked eye and i watch the meteor showers annually while laying on a blanket in the yard. milky way is bright and clear here in mineral wells, tx, about 60 miles west of fort worth, tx. i was alone while my husband was changing clothes inside. as i was sitting on the swing i leaned my head back and looked up into the sky. it was then that i saw this half moon object cross into my view over the tree in my yard. it was glowing softly as if it was reflecting the ambient light of the town. i believe them to be disc shaped but i was only seeing the reflective angle. at first i could not imagine what it was i was seeing. it was moving slowly, at that point i stood up to try to get a better look when a second one came up behind the first very quickly. as soon as the the second object came into view, both of them moved very fast across the skyline. as they crossed my somewhat broad view of the horizontal skyline (above the treetops). took them less than 10 seconds to cross. it seemed that the first ufo was waiting for the second one to catch up, then they just took off. one behind the other at the same speed and slightly angled from each other. looked like a formation maneuver that we use in flight of our fighter jets. i stood there on the porch for a second or two just stunned, i couldn't move or process what i had just seen for a moment. asking myself if it was real. i was shocked. then i started screaming for my husband. i trying to explain what i had just seen. i couldn't quite put it into words at first because i as so excited and amazed. i kept thinking no one will ever believe me because i live in a very small town of about 15,000. what are the odds that anyone of them would have been looking into the sky at that exact moment. even my husband, who is a true believer, had a look of skepticism. very excited and frustrated because i was the only witness. i watch airplanes regularly cross this skyline view. this moved much faster and the ufo's were much bigger than any airplane or helicopter that has ever passed my view of the skyline, as i sit on my porch at least 4-5 days of the week when its nice weather. i know that what i saw was not man-made and much, much too fast and it was too big to be ours. even with our modern technology, we are not capable of this type of air travel.

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Credit: MUFON

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