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Thursday, October 27, 2016

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Black Triangle Sighting in North Augusta, South Carolina on 2016-10-27 19:00:00 - Hovering triangle-shape object disappears suddenly

I was in my car at about 7 p.M., returning from a short trip to the grocery store with my infant son in the backseat. i was in line with the house across a side street from mine when i noticed a large, black, triangular object hovering in the sky almost directly above my house. because of the size and location, it would have been difficult to miss this object in the sky. i slowed down because i couldn't believe what i was seeing. the object was very large, comparable in size to a large airplane, and it was very low, not far above the treetops. there was a large red light directly in the center of the underside of the object. the light was circular and hung down like a dome. there were also two smaller white lights on the back points of the triangle. one point of the triangle was pointed towards me and slightly to my left. the back two points looked more like wings. there was no sound or motion. my house is situated on a corner lot. instead of turning left onto the side street so that i could turn into my driveway, i decided to proceed straight past my house so that i could get a better look at the object. i slowly drove past my house and looked up, but the trees in my yard were obscuring where the object would have been. as i got in line with my next-door neighbor's house, where there was a break in the trees and i should have been able to see the object, i could not see the object or anything else in the sky. i quickly drove around the block back to the spot where i had first seen the object, but it was gone. it was dusk and on my way back around the block i spotted several neighbors in their yards or walking in the neighborhood, and no one seemed to exhibit any behavior that showed they had also seen the object. immediately after losing sight of the object, i had an overwhelming urge to cry. i pulled into my driveway, got my son and my groceries out of the car and met my husband at the garage door. i told him what i had seen and how much it had upset me. i have never seen anything like this before. the encounter lasted approximately 10 seconds, if that.

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Credit: MUFON

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