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Sunday, October 9, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Longmont, Colorado on 2016-10-07 20:45:00 - Craft moved over neighbor houses from east, banked and went north then kept going until disappeared from view.

My husband and i were settling into the hot tub about 8:30pm, friday, october 7, 2016. as i was reclining with my head to the west, i saw a blur in my peripheral vision to the left or northeast. i sat up to see it better since there were supposed to be good meteor sightings that night. i caught it full view as it was heading west but was banking sharply such that the right edge was at the bottom. i could clearly see pale rose colored lights along the boomerang shaped edges only. the nose was curved and not pointed. the lights were not brilliant but subdued and did not waiver or flicker but rather stayed constant. the lights ran along the edge of the boomerang pointing down. from the edge of the lights the back spread out to make what appwarred to be a solid area. there was a back edge that was slightly curved outward from the back keeping it from being a triangle shape. this back area seemed slightly reflective making it look solid but not sharply visible and as if it were reflecting the stars and lights above it. it was moving maybe 200 feet above the tops of the houses. i knew it was some sort of craft but was not sure what it was. it levelled out as the front tip was orienting to the north so that the lights were pointed directly toward the ground and it continued moving north until i could no longer see it. there was absolutely no sound and no bright lights. it was a mere few seconds and we saw and heard planes at varying heights after the event. we had seen and heard plamesprior to. we even saw a few meteors after the event. we stayed out in the hot tub for nearly 90 minutes and never witnessed anything else unusual. i was a little freaked out because it was unlike anything i had ever seen and we have been star gazing for over a year in our hot tub at varying times of the evening and night. i was not afraid but very very curious. i have a very rough sketch in pencil and am working on a better sketch with colorthat i can send in a day or so.

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Credit: MUFON

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