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Monday, October 10, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Swindon, England on 2016-09-02 00:00:00 - Friend saw ufo, i looked it, it went up, 4x4 came immediately after and scanned the field with extremely advanced red laser, we then raced off after looking back and confirming we both witnessed the same thing. came very close to car and ufo hunters after

I live in liddington. i was driving my friend home and took the route on liddington hill in england (wiltshire). we stopped on the top of the hill to chill for 20 minutes on our phones and chat, etc. the hill was to my left and swindon town (lit up at night) was to my right. i had my head down and my friend asked if i can see that and was poking me. intermitent information surge - we have both seen a ball of light (extremely bright) that got brighter, dimmer, changed direction at different speeds and took different paths from starting from one side of the front windshield to the other. (this was two years ago in the summer - england is very grey most of the time and can't see the stars at night until summer most of the time - no-one goes out at night anyway because of the cold temperature.) we both got out and were witnessing the same thing. we didn't know what it was. we both have a good knowledge about current public technology and concluded it wasn't a drone, plane, helicopter or anything else we have seen before due to the look of it - colour, varied colour change, change in speed, direction and distance (there was also no noise at the time, we were on top of thorney park in swindon and would have been able to hear it but there was no noise). after about 2- 5 minutes of looking at it travel a good distance in the air, it shot up slowly but surely at an angle away from us out of the atmosphere. it started out as a star but got continually brighter to such an extent that it grabbed my attention and asked my friend for confirmation. i have also witnessed a lot of ufo sightings on my own and with friends before - including 3 red dots in the sky circling each other and shooting off in different directions, this was with 2 other friends. as we have seen things before, i knew what he was talking about but this time he was extremely scared. i looked up slowly at him and his body because i wanted to be 100% conscious and controlled to recall it perfectly and use my information this time. just before i looked at his face, he became terrified. (we both bodybuild and are into martial arts and have never heard such fear in his voice and presence) he then said "it's there", "in the field", i said "are you shitting me?", and just as my head started to turn he jumped again said it shot up. i said "where" but i could feel fear in both of us and knew he wasn't lying. i my weight was shifted over to him because of fear but then tried to treat it as nothing and looked out up out of my right side window and said "what was it?" he said "it was a ball of light like right next to the fence" which was close to us. as i was looking in the air through my window, i saw a star moving in a sort of circular motion and at that point i said .. "ohh yeahh, i see it". at the moment he gasped for a breath again and grabbed my shoulder turning me to look around, and as if he knew or sensed, a 4x4 came speeding down from the crossroads at the top of the hill, passed our turn off (you can see on google maps where we were parked - on a muddy bit where you can stop off and park 2 cars on - and also where they stopped - in a field entrance for a vehicle next to the main road that leads down the hill) and stopped the fasted i've seen a car stop before with great urgency at the fields entrance and immediately scanned the entire field with an extremely powerful red laser 4-5 times. when it first shot the laser starting from the other side of the field, i gasped and my friend said "start the car", i said "whattttttt ", (i instinctively knew what was happening - that they were scanning for them, but i also immediately thought they were looking for someone or game maybe. this seemed extremely unlikely and why would you use a laser, scanning a field to find someone?) we were both terrified and i was trying to keep calm and also in a state of mind to be able to recall the whole event and situation that we were in. on the fifth pass of the laser, it scanned just past us and my car and i looked right into it. i was sh*ting it for a split second deep down! we both were. but i was still in control and wasn't exactly going to faint (although i felt like it) because i knew there is a chance we can survive/escape them if they were to drive after us (my car is a 2.7 litre engine and had a head start if we were to escape their pursuit). the laser then stopped after passing us (scanning half of the field again which was to out right) and there were definitely people in the car ( i could just make out there was at least one person out of the car i think at this point and they had something outside of it as well. their interior light came on instantly after the laser stopped. it was very wide in diameter, complete coverage of the field within sight and had lines through the middle of it (at least 5-7 lines through it that were brighter and the same colour). i said shall we move? i was said chill it's alright, they're just probably hunting for it, but then said do you think they've got guns? he said no, poked me and said just drive pointing at the road decisively. we didn't know what they were doing, knew or wanted. i am curious so i said shall we go down there? it was as if they knew what we were thinking and moved and flashed their lights as if to tell us. i don't know and can't explain very well but my instinct was neutral - except survival. i wanted to pull up next to and find out more about everything. see their equipment, vehicle, who they were, if they were friendly, if they were legit, etc. and if anything else would happen again. but if they did have guns or were volatile we wouldn't stand a chance and would sacrifice everything just for curiosity. i said, i don't think they're military or the police. and how did they get there so quickly after it appeared? that's the biggest question i have. after they scanned the field (took approx. 10-15 secs) and their interior lights came on, and we agreed to go. i quickly started the car and span off about 5 meters down the road. i then stopped put sport mode on, looked back to make sure i wasn't hallucinating, saw them, turned back around at the road and grabbed my friend and said did you definitely see that? he replied yes! i said good and we both agreed not to go to them. i raced off down the hill and we were both freaked out. we then ran over a rabbit which i hope survived but unfortunately we were freaking out about it to each other. after we didn't talk for a bit and were amazed at what we saw. i also think my friend said he heard something faint and so did i. it definitely happened and we just took it as normal and as it was. nothing bad happened to us and the rabbit was on mind after that :( i definitely turned round due to my terrified friend seeing something - and a vehicle defintely urgently pulled up and scanned the field with a very powerful red laser. i am a very open minded, non-religious (brought up catholic and believe in logic, physics, truth and life) person that has family served in the military and am very trustworthy - especially with something like this that has potential to disrupt normal daily life to the "normal/ordinary" person that finds it hard to comprehend. i trying to find ways to contact someone to talk to about this and other instances i have witnessed if they would like to know about who those people were, or what they were doing at that particular moment. some things are hard to believe on the internet but i have researched that people can identify electro magnetic radiation or something that is left behind are contact is made from something that has came from out of this atmosphere. this is what i think those people that scanned the field have done, but have found no evidence about lasers detecting this as i am quite busy with work, etc. my friend is not as interested/curious about this as i am and says not to worry, which i'm not but and concerned about what actually took place with them. the people in the 4x4 are more of a concern to myself than the orb as i think they could have done more than just appear there. they scanned my number plate and i looked directly into the laser. i also live there. i don't think they want to get in contact with me, or anything else for that matter, but for my own safety and also curiosity as i may be of some help to them. i want to know more about what happened and who they are to put my mind at rest. i was going to ring the police but they would think i'm wasting their time. i looking to serve in the army and i would appreciate the respect back. i don't mind transferring money for the telephone charges. i can keep everything classified, secret and not let anybody know. i can also give testimony to 2 other sightings that i have experienced around that time (within a few weeks). one was with a horizontal ufo with a red flashing light in the middle and i think i could faintly hear it. it definitely wasn't a plane or helicopter. this after the red laser event ( few days or week) and |as soon as i went onto video on my phone it hid behind a tree from sight (some distance from the tree)as if it knew what i was doing. i lent out the window to look to see if it was still there and it was. about 10 - 20 seconds after that i legitimately saw a shooting star (looked just like one) shoot to the ufo behind the tree. i then shut my window and was scared. can someone please contact me back to talk about this, even if it's for a short while? even if you can redirect me to someone else, it would be greatly appreciated. thank you very much, ben.

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