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Friday, October 21, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Crozet, Virginia on 1998-10-24 00:00:00 - Apparition appeared then vanished then a ufo immediately took shape in a cloud.

i was in my early 20's when this event happened to me, for 6 months or longer i would still be extremely nervous to drive the mountain road that we lived on late at nights... i have always loved and studied weather on my own and this particular night it supposed to rain toward morning and the only weather information i had access to back then was to watch the local 11 pm news on the only tv station that we picked up... i had turned on the news at exactly 11pm, since i didn't much care for the early news part, i walked out on the deck facing due south.... the sky was very bright from the moonlight which allowed me to see broken cumulus clouds moving in...... i had been standing there staring at the sky for maybe 2 minutes, when i caught a glimpse of something over my left shoulder hovering in the sky.. i quickly turned toward it , i probably got 1 second to look at it before it vanished. it appeared to be extremely large and not too far up from where i was standing. it was solid white and shaped exactly like a angel - the outline was like a flowing dress with humps above the shoulders like folded wings.. i did not have time to look at any potential facial or other body features... as soon as it vanished and before i could fully process what i had seen , the perfect outline of your classic looking ufo took shape in a cumulus cloud farther away from me... the entire ufo was outlined in orange lights along the edges, but it was transparent because i could see the lights outlining the other side... i could clearly see through it, the entire cloud was now glowing orange.. it then started to swing back and forth in and out of both sides of the cloud... i do not remember going inside i was so terrified, i remember standing inside shaking and mumbling to myself that they really exist.. i got up the nerve after a few seconds to peek out the window , it was still swinging. i waited maybe 30 seconds and looked again, it was still swinging.. the 3rd time i looked , it was gone only the cloud remained.... i just sat down on the sofa in a true state of shock and stared without paying much attention to the rest of the news and the weather on the tv.. the next morning when i got up my grandmother who i lived with casually mentioned that we had lost two neighbors that night within a mile of our house... one was a elderly lady who was expected to pass, but the other was a early 20's handicapped lady who wasn't expected to pass.... it was the scariest 3 or 4 minutes of my life.. how the angel apparition and the ufo then the two deaths , which i assume where coincidental, tie in together - i have no clue...

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Credit: MUFON

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