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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Dewsbury, England on 2016-10-18 22:00:00 - 2objects same size level with each other basket ball size compared to moon(tractor wheel size) then shaped like eyes then globe bright then dimmer stationary for two hours filmed t best i could

I was walking my dog,i generally look up at stars,but i first noticed just above my eye line a shere which was white passing through cloud cover in a horizontal line which i would say was size of a basketball ,compared to moon size of a tractor tyre which was clearly visible at time.I stood and watched it move from right to left or east to west in direction,for maybe a minute,when i saw a same size object parallel left of it,my first impression was they looked like two torches pointing towards me,but were obviously massive but miles away,has far as the eye can see,if a bright star is the size of a small raindrop,then these were the size of a orange if at the same distant,but obviously they want,the city of leeds is 12 miles away,i don't know but if they were above it,they was the size of a basketball. it is hard to judge the distance they were from me but a plane passing just above with flashing red light,was a pin prick compared to an orange at the distance and i would say that the plane was nearer,i see passenger planes all the time and that's how i get the size difference.So i kept an eye on these two objects all the time only losing sight when passing trees and houses.Has i got nearer home both objects seemed to be stationary,now it could be that cloud movement tricked me to thinking that they were moving east to west on my first sighting i can't say for definite.But when i got home i had a stationary fix on them,they were fixed just above roofline of neighbours house,now i can judge my estimation on size,distance,movement,comparison, i don't know how far the i can see,to add i have good eyesight,but they were miles away,but they were big,the moon is absolutely miles away,yet my comparison is star a dot,objects a basketball,moon a tractor tyre.Thats the best i can do,and the planes flying in every direction dots.My first thought was to grab my samsung tablet,no show, then grabbed my mobile,no charge,so i grabbed my partner's mobile who is working night shift at adds supermarket,its a samsung galaxy note 2 ,old now,not that good,but ay,its the best i've got and started to video them,now i dodon't know her phone so i messed about for a while,trying zoom in,no go!,night vision,no better,so after 4/5 attempts to film which i've kept,i settled for auto vision at normal zoom,had no choice,and not happy,but it's all i could do,so i filmed them for 3 more takes of about 50 minutes to maybe 1 hour.They remained stationary in a fixed position between my back next door neighbour,my adjoining neighbours shed,my kitchen doorframe.They remained constant in size and distance,not pulsating but fade-in in and out,constant but not conformed or regular,so to me,sometimes they would slightly fade ,then the one on the left would fade then vice versa,then they both looked like tigers eyes,then full globes,then bright then dim,and all the times this was happening the moon was disappearing from view for long spells of time due to clouds,which were visible all the time to my naked eye,yet they never distorted these objects ,i know that for sure,the moon was slightly higher and i would say 20 degrees east based on 360 degree basis of my fixed view.I filmed about 6/7 times stopping just to try zooming in and better vision to no avail,,not my phone ,but the longest of these was about 35 minutes,and although it's not a good picture,or ratio of size,you can see that it's strange,but to my naked eye,it was unbelievable.I truly believe for the first time i witnessed something,err? i don't know,but would love to collaborate with radar sighting.I would say frommy position,north by northeast..Am i wrong or am i right,ever wway i liked to know! to add its now 2.56 am.Thats 5 hours all this as taken,i after get up for work in morning,so i am taking this seriously.Thank you for any kind of response,positive or negative.....I can send the mobile phone footage,but only if i get a reply to do so

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Credit: MUFON

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