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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Portland, Indiana on 1995-11-15 23:45:00 - Red light hovering at tree top level beside a small patch of woods on a country road.

This happened in november, 1995. it was close to the time of the dayton peace accords because that was the big news at the time. i lived in ohio, but worked in indiana. i was driving home with my friend. this was about 11:45 at night. we both worked in indiana, but lived in ohio. we were going east toward ohio on a rural county road that turns into ohio 219. the road was curvy and hilly in some spots with small patches of woods, as found in ohio and indiana. as we were going around a curve, we saw what looked like a red light, round, hovering at the tree tops. i was driving, so as we got near it, we were about 5-10 feet away from the small woods, this was not in the woods but hovering at the tree tops right beside the woods. i stopped and we were discussing this thing we were looking at. she rolled down the window to get a better view and i was trying to get out of my side to see. while we sat there on the road for over 5 minutes discussing this, i got a strange feeling that we should leave, as though something was making it known that something was going to come after us. i then put the car into drive and left, the thing hovered still as we were leaving. i then asked my friend what she thought it was, and she had memory loss and could not remember it. she kept talking as though nothing had happened. i do not recall any interference with the car. unfortunately my friend developed some mental problems and then died of a heart attack a few years later. at the time i was working for a factory that made computer resistors and there was a section in the company that had government contracts and only people with clearance could go in there. we made the ibm tracksticks also. soon after this happened, i was being followed by law enforcement and had to report this. the harassment did not end until i moved to a different town. at that time there was no way to report anything like that, or that i knew i could report to anyone. i feel as though my friend who was on the passenger side and closest to it was affected by what happened, whatever it was had taken her memory of it. i do not recall any specific object that it may have been connected to, only that we saw a round red light that from our vantage point was bigger than a basketball. it certainly looked bigger than what i could hold. as it was only about 15 feet in the air, the trees were close to the road so probably about 20 feet in total distance from ground to that height. it made no sound, there were no airplanes flying because that late at night the airports in dayton and fort wayne did not fly that late at night. it was not attached to anything, we looked for anything that it may have been suspended from, but it was not. there was nothing dangling below it either. as we both were skeptical people about things like that, we wanted to know what it was. all i can say is that it was a round red light that hovered. there were no swamps in the area, the woods were next to a field. a farm house was on my side across the road from it.

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Credit: MUFON

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