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Thursday, October 13, 2016

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UFO Sighting in South Brunswick Township, New Jersey on 2016-09-27 07:06:00 - Two flashes of light appeared in the sky. one then theother separated and shown at different times. a ufo appears between these two lights.

It is 7:00am in the morning. i woke up as usual. i noticed that my window was open at the time. fresh air was coming in and i decided 10 minutes won't waste that much time, so i took the opportunity. i am a strong believer in extra-terrestrials, and i loved to see one myself, but for now i always watch the skies for how beautiful it is. night and morning were the best times. i look out the window and lay there smelling the fresh air and admiring the bright blue sky. during those moments, i thought about our universe and about the beings that watched over us, if they were even real or not. to the corner of my eye, a flash of light that lasted less then a second appears in the sky. i saw no planes or any flying machinery in the air when these toke place. nothing made those lights i saw. a couple minutes later, another one appears, farther away from the other one. i am getting really concerned about the flashes of lights and where they were coming from. other airplanes go by in the mean time. 45 seconds later, this object appears in the sky. my brain thought that i missed it flying in but no. one thing that stood out of it was how it glided across the sky so smoothly in such a straight line! i stared at the object from a really far distance and noticed how it was gray and round. it spun and reflected the light of the sun off its surface really brightly. this object appeared between the two flashes of lights, but more closer to the first one. i followed it and had no access to my phones at the moment. it traveled behind the very top branch of the tallest tree i saw and disappeared not to be seen again. to my concern, i think the ufo traveled above an electric railway system. i knew it was a ufo based on it making no sound so close and it not being in the shape of an airplane or a bird.

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Credit: MUFON

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