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Friday, October 7, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Helsinki, Uusimaa on 2016-10-07 00:00:00 - Saw 2 immensely bright ufos with various colors from my window.

I was about to go to sleep in home when i saw a flickering light which was flickering red, blue and white from my window. this light can be seen in img_3065. at first i thought it was a helicopter as it was just hovering in the air for about 10 seconds until it started moving left and crossing the chimney. i can't remember whether it was after it had crossed the chimney or after it reversed course to the way it had came that it switched to a more brighter, rounder and stable looking blueish color like can be seen in img_3068 which did not seem to flicker noticeably, at least not to the human eye. the course change happened quite quickly, maybe after 5 seconds or less after it had crossed the chimney. i couldn't hear any noise coming from this object but it could be due to it being far away. in the photo img_3070 you can see a gray colored object inside a white/yellow colored aura which itself is inside a neon blue colored outline. i couldn't see this object with my eyes. in the last photo that i took of this orb (img_3072) the orb appeared to change it's light structure to a more cylinder/cigar shape. it continued it's journey all the way to the trees that are on the right side of my window (can't be seen from pictures) after which i couldn't see it anymore due to the trees blocking my view. i did catch a brief glimpse of it through the trees continuing at the same path with the same exact height. after i had seen this i didn't have that much time to react to it as i pretty much immediately after this saw another similar looking orb coming from the left side of my window. this one seemed to be just as bright or maybe even a little bit brighter than the last orb. this one also acted much more like an airplane than what the first one had as it came further from the left than the first one had in the same manner that i can occasionally see airplanes flying. this one was also less blueish than the first one had been and in fact i don't remember seeing any blue colors in it at all. i remember it looking just like a light-yellow looking ball of light going across the sky but in the pictures i took of it it looked more light-orange colored like can be seen in pictures img_3073-3075 which i don't recall seeing but then again it could be due to super fast flickering. in the picture img_3074 you can clearly see a sphere/hexagonal shaped object inside a orange colored light which itself is surrounded by a yellow aura of light. i didn't see this object with my eyes. in the picture img_3075 you can still see the object but in this photo it does appear to be more sphere looking that hexagonal. also the orange inside light seems to be gone. after seeing these objects i felt pretty amazed at what i had seen as i realized they most likely weren't airplanes or helicopters. img_3065-3068, 3070 and 3072 are taken with my camera without a window in between but all the rest are taken with the window in between and that is why those images are more blurry and smudgy looking as my window is pretty dirty.

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Credit: MUFON

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