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Thursday, October 6, 2016

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Black Triangle Sighting in Pomeroy, Washington on 2016-10-05 00:00:00 - I thought at first it was a bird, then i thought perhaps it was a jet. i then pulled over becasue it turned and shown its full body as a triangle. its hovered with no motion. it picked up speed and cork screwed away

I always see large birds and take note of them. i thought this was one as well. but when i noticed it hovering i pulled over. i was heading west on east bound 12. it made me very nervous because when i pulled over i realized it wasn't a bird. it sure as hell wasn't a plane i've ever seen either i had the window rolled completely down by the time i pulled over. i noticed it was then moving really slow. then it began to cork screw in the sky as it moved forward. at no time did it change direction or go backwards. i saw it was a perfect triangle when it cork screwed. it was black or dark grey. when it got close to the hillside going east i noticed it picked up speed and disappeared behind the hill. it made absolutely no sound. i sat in my car for about 5 more minutes and fumbled with my phone to call my husband but there was no reception to call him. i noticed i was shaking. it scared me because it wasn't anything that i've ever seen the military have. honestly i thought of taking a side road and trying to follow it. but, i don't drive well at night and i wanted to get home to tell my husband the encounter. my father is a air force pilot and i've seen all the air craft in the military and this was not anything i've seen before. it moved in the sky much different than a regular air craft. i don't know how high it was or what size it was but i can tell you it was below the clouds. honestly, why would a military aircraft be in garfield county anyway? i still start to get nervous when i talk about it. i should have taken a video but i didn't think of even grabbing my phone while watching it because i didn't want to take my eye off of it even for just a second. i thought it would do something crazy and id miss it if i looked away. my mind honestly was racing while watching it. i was thinking all sorts of crazy things! i don't know what it was and hope that we found out its one of our own aircraft. if so it will be really nice to know that i'm not seeing things and the military has some really cool stuff. if mufon finds out its just one of our own will you be letting the public know?

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Credit: MUFON

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