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Monday, October 24, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Dallas, Texas on 2016-10-20 19:10:00 - I was driving and saw a cylinder shaped object flying in the sky. it was a shady shady, grey color with no lights. it made a right turn then disappeared behind some trees. couldn't hear any sound.

I had just picked up my son from his friend's house and we were driving home. i noticed an odd looking, grey object flying in the sky just above the level of some trees at the end of the street. i noticed it because it was in my field of vision and it didn't look like a plane or a bird. there were no lights that i could see. i had no idea what it could be. i asked my 15 yo son if he saw it, he said yes. i kept saying "what is that",and "what the hell is that"? he said i don't know. i told him i was glad he was with me because if he had not been, i'm sure he would think i was seeing things as if i were "crazy". the object moved from my left to right the banked, turned right and was going down in altitude. it disappeared behind the trees and i lost sight of it. i was excited about seeing it and grateful that i had a witness, my son. we talked about it on the drive home. once we got home, my son and one of his friend's were talking on the phone and the friend asked my son if he had seen anything in the sky as we were leaving. my son told him yes and then came and told me that 3 of his friend's had seen it too and one of them took a video of it. very exciting. the friend sent the video to my son. i saw it and could barely make out the object. he then sent it to me via facebook messenger but as i watched it, i couldn't tell anything about the object on my computer. ( i don't know how to get the video from my message to my computer to be able to attach it. i do have the message.)i could see the road, the sky and my car driving away in the video. the next day i asked the friends if they had heard any sound, they said no. they also reported not seeing any lights. they described it to me as flying extremely fast. i only saw it for about 5-8 seconds.

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Credit: MUFON

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