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Saturday, October 22, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Houston, Texas on 2016-10-20 19:30:00 - Very bright, dark rectangular area on bulbous side of teardrop. blue light on top left, red light on tip of teardrop. no noise. apparently stationary.

I was driving home from school northbound on grand parkway 99 around 7:30 pm. i first noticed the object because i thought it was some sort of new lighting on top of a tower. i saw a small aircraft in the area that passed heading east. there was something about the aircraft and its relation to the object that made me realize it was too high to be that apparent size and also sitting on top of a tower. its initial shape made me think it was the moon, but it had no features associated with the satellite. as i continued to look it seemed almost blood cell shaped, with a depression in the center. furthermore, as i came closer i saw that it was completely covered in small white lights. from where i was they were as bright as stadium lights. i took out my camera phone and began to try recording and taking photos. as i drove it remained in the same position while i followed the curve of the road. when it was in the passenger side windshield i noticed two additional lights--a small blue/green one on the top left, and a small red one on the right. at this point the object revealed more of its shape. it was like a teardrop on its side, with the smaller part of the "drop" pointing to my right. the blue/green light was on the bulbous end, the red light at the top. i associate these with aircraft, but nothing else about the object was like any aircraft i am aware of. i was trying to be safe on the road, keep an eye on the object, and take images--impossible to do all at once. pulling over in a dark, desolate area with speeding traffic was out of the question. i felt very strange, like i was in one of those nightmares where i see the monster but everyone else thinks things are just fine. i remember believing that the object was stationary and that i was moving, but i don't know now if that's true. it never really seemed to change size, but my experience of its shape changed (from blood cell to teardrop). the odd thing was that despite its size i could detect no noise. as i continued to drive the relative position of the object continued along the passenger side of the car and i noticed a relatively dark rectangular shaped area towards the larger end of the object, about a third of the size of the object as i saw it. i thought i could see writing and it crossed my mind that maybe this was some sort of elaborate ad. but i still felt fearful and on edge because it was so massive, bright, oddly shaped, noiseless, and motionless. i lost sight of it near the back windows as i drove, then it became part of the darkness. i continued on home and have questioned myself since. i want to know what i saw and hope the explanation is conventional. i don't want to think that i might have been exposed to anything that could cause later damage.

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Credit: MUFON

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