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Monday, October 17, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Teulon, Manitoba on 2016-09-28 10:05:00 - I threw s ball into the air when i saw object. it scared me but i got a pic.

I reside in the countryside. i let my kittens out of the barn in the morning as usual. i always throw a ball for them to chase. i also throw the ball into the air and catch it. when i threw the ball up into the air i saw an object i couldn't identify. i am a retired flight attendant and know my aircraft and this was not an aircraft i would know. i felt scared, isolated even more than i already was, and anxious for what may happen to me. i pulled out my phone and took 3 pics. the object was moving and i did not know if i got it but i see in my 3rd photo it is there. but so are two other objects under it and to the left in the sky. i'm not sure what these other two objects are and i never saw these at the time i watched and photographed the object. i watched the object move across the sky but i could not see at all where exactly it went. i wondered at the time if it just disappeared. i felt in my heart as though i was witnessing something very extraordinary. the object made me sense that it was not from earth, as though i was supposed to have the highest respect for it. in this regard i felt below its status, almost unimportant in the realm of my own life. this scared me and still does. as it moved like a mighty ship across the sky, it would not take a straight path but a path that seemed to have spots where it could slow down a bit. it was not speeding or even going fast. more leisurely, as though to observe. when i lost sight of it i felt drained of energy. i worry now i may see it again but i hope not.

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Credit: MUFON

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