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Friday, October 28, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Daytona Beach, Florida on 1978-06-25 22:00:00 - Search light came down beach slowthen, out over ocean 50-80 miles after a (fireworks like ) flash. then out 50 mi.

Yes,, simple. in pool along side the ocean in daytona beach. friend beside me asked "what is that? helicopter? i said something like yea, they search for people laying on beach. probably not legal. spotlight was ( although we were 150 feet from ocean across sand) we were 300-400 from the craft at first. it had a beam like one of those big beams that shine in the sky for advertisement. but it just shined down at the beach. this was in about 1978 and it's hard to remember a lot of detail as far as speed and shapes. but i think the craft was moving up the beach toward us at about ten miles an hour. this lasted 1/2 to 3/4 minute then,,, a flash very similar to a fireworks display but short. the flames theat shoot out from the center and each one of the 30-40 flames shoot out from the center to make a giant circle. but, in this case, the flames went out a short distance. like now if i had to compare the size of the craft as 50 foot across the flames were now making it 100 foot. no,,, smaller, sorry. the craft is now nearly straight out and about 180-200 foot from us but the little explosion like flames were just barely bigger than the craft. like a ball ,,tennis ball5 feet in front of you and flames all of a suddden jump out from it in all directions about 2 incehes from all sides. just like a fire work except instead of 200 foot, it was 6-8 foot from craft in all directions. at any rate, as soon nearly as the fire came out around the craft, i think the beam stopped but the craft was out over the atlantic by 80 or 100 miles within 5 seconds with no noise that i can remember. i have thought about the noise factor many times but just cant remember. i know it wasnt loud.I remember asking my father about it because through he years i couldnt come up with anything and he seemed to be knowledgeable about everything. opinionated at least. lol his idea was that a helicopter with jet engines. and i didnt bother to tell him about the fact that there was no noise/. jet engines were very loud and this definitely was no helicopter with jet engines. but the object sat still out over the ocean what appeared to me to us to be about 30- 5- miles,, 60 ? so hard to tell. but way, way out in 3-4 seconds. hmm see why i dont talk about this now.? huh ! any way, the craft sat for 15 or 20 seconds . just sat, still. then, the little firework like explosion or charge of electric went off again and it went what appeared to be north and it was gone. the second time it took off was the same. the little firework thing and then gone ! fast ! i was with another woman before i met my wife so as i mention this story, i reference to 'a friend ' that was with me. sue hutchinson was next to me just talking as we both witnessed this. i asked what to do . thinking no one would believe us anyway and susy said" no one would believe us anyway" i distinctly remember this because of the coincidence of what i was thinking and what she was saying. she described the same thing that i saw and we were sure we saw the same thing and weren't hallucinating from the beer we drank a day or two before that. i had contacted another group 20 years latter about 1998 or so and they were concerned with the witness. very understandable but the relationship had ended by 1980. last i heard she had moved to a place called texas city texas. i'm not 100% sure the town even exists but i think i had looked it up before. maybe along the gulf side. i has tried many times to contact her by face book to no avail. she was from waterford, michigan and moved there about 1980 or 1981. susan hutchinson had a brother named john. a father , a pharmacist in waterford, mi. at a drug store near walton and dixie hwy on dixie 1/4 mi north of walton blvd on left. they lived on williams lake. in waterford. she worked at b's bar on dixie and walton where i met her. if i had it to do over, i would have followed up much sooner. always wondered if someone else saw this but i dont see anyone explain it this way. it waould be hard for someone to not see this. maybe it was reported. maybe they felt as wee did that no one would believe it anyway. sorry i dont have pictures but i can draw a description if anyone even thinks it would help. i have no police record other than driving infractions and no convictions or anything and no reason to make anything up. i always feel someone should know. i seem to spin my wheels. i have watched many videos on netflix and youtube and only one had the (firework like ) flash when a video was made of a ufo. so.. cant think of any thing else but at a distance fof 200 foot or less,,,, i was close. the craft came up the shore with the spot light on the beach for a minute or two and then flashed away. 50 miles over the atlantic in 2 secs. then another flash and gone ! . very short happening. very little amount of things happening but as real as it gets. can think of any more details right now anyway. thanks for listening,,, joh : j

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Credit: MUFON

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