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Sunday, October 9, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Pensacola, Florida on 2016-10-06 11:10:00 - I did not see the object but i see the path and disturbance it left behind in the clouds

I was walking outside at around 11:oo. i could hear a jet aircraft over head so i looked up to see if i could identify it. at first all i cold see was a bright colored dot in the sky moving slowly to the west. i turned out that the dot was a military looking jet aircraft in a near vertical climb. i was able to make it out as a swept wing jet after it leveled out and flew south at a very high rate of speed. that is when i noticed the path that was cut through the clouds above me. it was nearly a cloudless day except for this one wispy bank of clouds overhead. now i'm a retired air force aircraft technician. i've watched aircraft fly through clouds a hundred time and i have never see one cut a visible path through the clouds. another odd thing was the path didn't go from one side of the cloud bank to the other. it started inside the clouds and ended inside the clouds. the attached image shows one end of the objects path, but not shown is the other end which looks very much like the end shown in the image. now we have military jets flying around here all the time. normally f-18 colored gray of something dark like gray. this aircraft that was doing the vertical climb was white in color which was odd and i was unable to identify the type of aircraft. all i could see was the swept wings. to be honest it liked a little like and old f-4 phantom but it wasn't. the fact that it was in a vertical climb was odd as well. it was obvious the aircraft was in a hurry to reach the altitude of the disturbance in the clouds. when it reached the disturbance it flew at a very high rate of speed to the south. i was actually surprised to see how fast it was travailing. the aircraft soon returned flying to the north along the disturbance in the clouds. attached is the path cut in the clouds. the path goes from south to north with the visible end to the south. strange stuff if you ask me.

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Credit: MUFON

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