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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

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Alien Encounter in Burnsville, North Carolina on 1973-09-15 00:00:00 - My brother and i were followed on are way home. we were on a gravel road and the night was so dark we could not see our hands. the unknown walked and ran through thick trees and vegetation as fast as we could on the road.

My brother and i were walking home from football practice in the fall of the year of 1973. as we rounded the curve in the road the last 1/2 mile of our journey was uphill and totally dark, so dark we could not see our hands in front of our face. no lights, no other homes just total wilderness, on our right side was a mountain ridge with tall trees. on our left side was a ravine covered with undergrowth and heavy laurels and large trees beside the road. the trees on both sides of the road formed a overhead blanket, so that even on the brightest of moons, this was still a dark and very spooky place to be. a little further down the left hand side is white oak creek, that can be heard from he road in the still of the night. my brother chris and i were walking and talking when suddenly we both heard foot steps in the thick vegetation between the road and creek. on this side of the road the ground is like 20 feet below the road, a steep drop off and is covered with thick growth. we both stopped and whatever was following us took one extra step and stopped, chris said in a low voice take two steps and stop. again our unknown follower took the two steps plus one extra step and stopped. i must say we were both frightened and did not know what to do. so we repeated the process of taking two steps and stopping and again the being mimic and stopped. we could not understand how something could see us (if this was how we were being tracked) or how anything as large as what this appeared to sound could walk in this tangle of undergrowth, trees and uneven earth. whatever was following us made heavy but calculated steps, the dried leaves and sticks broke under the steps of this creature. our next action was to stand still and bend down and pick-up what gravel we could, we could not see we just scooped up what we could and hurled into the area where this creature was. no sound so again we reached down scooped up some gravel and hurled, again no movement and no sound from below the road. i said to my brother, lets run do not stop until we get home on three, we ran the last 1/2 mile uphill and in total darkness the creature was running in the woods as fast as we could on the gravel road. at the end of our driveway was a street light and as we reached the lighted area the beast stopped its chase. there is clump of laurels as the woods meet the driveway and this beast shook these large laurels so violently and so loudly we knew this was not the prank of any human. in our home, just a few minutes later it was a strange night our mother, father, 2 younger brothers and 2 younger sisters were not home, but our mothers station wagon was in the driveway, dads truck was not at home. my brother and i thought it would be relaxing to go to our parents back bedroom set-up the game board and play scrabble. when suddenly all the lights in the house went out, as we were looking for candles we felt the creature on the covered deck that wrapped around the bedroom. heavy foot steps, loud foot steps, in this bedroom is a big picture window and a glass sliding door, both were covered with drapes. chris said to me in a low voice pull back the drape and see what it is and of course i said no. we felt trapped and we felt really hopeless, our mothers station wagon would start without inserting a key and the car was on the other end of the house, so we ran through the house, i jumped in the back of the car and chis jumped in the drives seat, started the car and off we went. this is our last memory making it to the top of the driveway and no other memory. we do not know where we went, what time we came home or anything else the remainder of this night. we ( my brother and i) would like to know what happened and put a closure to the wound we both still carry with us to this day.

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Credit: MUFON

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