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Monday, October 17, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Waterville, Maine on 2016-10-18 12:30:00 - 4 of them - one was a spacecraft - the other 3 were orbs - one was moving with huge craft - other 2 zoomed past from west to east

Wow i have always been interested in ufo's and recently took photos of a ufo near the iss on the live feed. so ever since i have been looking up. i saw something high up like a kite but way to far up and maybe a bird and while i was staring at it in sydney's hot and blue sky - underneath that object that was something man-made was one of those crafts that are triangular with 3 pulsating white lights and it's like it was malfunctioning with its cloaking device and was translucent but could still see the triangle shape and an orb bot coming from the west going east. i was in awe and shock and excitement. i am not on drugs or hallucinated that because my father saw the last one zoom by at incredible speed. i'm actually having anxiety and when i saw the craft and then the orb with it that was soooo bright i yelled out to my father to come and look - by this time the triangle and it was not all translucent - it was like a cloaking device bubbling and changing around it - like it failed to cloak it completely. and it was escorted with an orb at a speed just a little faster than a plane. but the other 2 orbs zoomed past from the same direction from west to east and only like a kilometre away in the sky. right in front of me. dad finally came out and missed the 3rd one and saw the last and most brightest flying a straight path to where the other to went i assume. i never seen anything like this before and only on youtube. had i have video taped it - it would have been the best footage ever in a sunny blue sky and i lost sight of them all as there is a double story house nextdoor to our left and they all disappeared behind the big house and could not spot them anymore. i always believed in them and have seen 8 orbs with 150+ people in 1988 in fairfield, sydney australia .. but i never seen a craft with white balls underneath it pulsating and around the middle and top it was like it was having trouble going invisible i am absolutely shocked ... in a good way - but i don't think my friend s will believe me unless they ask my dad.

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Credit: MUFON

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